Pulseway’s integrations and available API


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Pulseway’s integrations and available API

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Edgar (Pulseway)

Edgar: If we are to go to the Plugins in the download section, we would see that from here you can download the APIs and the documentation that you currently need to get started. However, if you go under the API section here, you'll see all the four types of APIs that we currently offer.
We have a Rest [00:00:28] API to integrate Pulseway just by calling a website then there is the Cloud API and the Plugin API. So, everything is totally documented with demos and tutorials, how to get started, what to do. It's basically just writing a little bit of code and you'll have an integration with Pulseway right away. There are a lot of samples and all the plugins are basically covered and documented on the website.
So just to show off the second type of integration, the Rest API. We have samples in all most common programming language like Ruby, PHP, C#, Java and you see all the examples in that particular language.
On our forms, there a lot of already done plugins so if you are to go under the Windows Client API, we have here plugin list where you can see all the APIs that are currently available and published on the forums for Pulseway. We have about 10 plugins that are currently functional and maintained on the forums including the Ninite one plugin and the Notification Bridge; PowerOfTheShell which is a very useful plugin which allows you to monitor systems to PowerSheel scripts.
We've seen a lot of users have complex scripts that manage multiple Exchange Servers and once, they were running backups on about 10 or 15 Exchange Servers at once just be running a script with this plugin. We have a lot of community based plugins and interactions in forums.
Pulseway integrating with Pagerduty, Zendesk and Storagecraft to extend their functionality. For instance, if you are to receive a notification to Pulseway that the service is offline or that the system is now back online as you've previously seen, it will be automatically forwarded to Pagerduty or Zendesk which allows you to furthermore have a deeper level of notifications like SMS notifications, [00:03:07] receive a phone call whenever there's a critical notification and there's somebody on duty today.
Same goes for Autotask which provides a deeper level integration with their CRM and the service desk modules from their platform so you'll be able to assign tickets from Pulseway directly to the Autotask systems in order to facilitate the billing and the service desk operations management.

Jimmy: Are these integrations and the previous plugins that we saw in the forum, are these all free to use or are these paid?

Edgar: There's no any additional costs; there's no hidden fees. It's priced per seat so there's no extra cost to use any of these add-ons.

Jimmy: So somebody has a Zendesk account or a Pagerduty account, they can freely integrate with Pulseway.

Edgar: There's no need to purchase anything else. It's all already integrated.

Jimmy: Oh. That's great.