Pulseway’s pricing plans and structure


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Pulseway’s pricing plans and structure

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Paul (Pulseway)

Paul: ...We have two products over here. There's the Professional which is like one team.

Edgar: It's supposed for smaller organizations that only require one user account. It is still a very sufficient product that it can be used by the enterprise ... It's a complete collaborative environment for the enterprise so you have full traceability of who's doing ... and you have multiple user accounts that you can divide amongst your team members so that they can help you look after your systems.

You can also create accounts for your clients with Pulseway Enterprise that they can view their systems. With Enterprise again, you have email notification customization; you have audit log where you can look over some of the history and then notification archive where you can scroll down for all notifications and find where the problems have happened and you can take proactive measures to fix that in the future.

With audit log, you can see what user locked on, where and what he has done. So if something goes wrong and you want to trace it back to the person that was responsible, you can go to audit log and find the command and find who did it and what time and you can again take proactive measures to fix them in the future.

Both plans come with Remote Desktop sessions. So the Professional plan starts at one dollar 34 cent a system a month. So ... it only costs a dollar and 34 cent a system a month and now it's billed annually at 16 dollars for the whole year. And with the Professional plan, you can monitor from three to 200 systems.

With the Enterprise plan, it starts at one dollar and 74 cent a system a month. The Enterprise plan starts at 50 seats which is billed annually at a thousand dollars and 44.