Pulseway’s system monitoring and remote desktop features


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Pulseway’s system monitoring and remote desktop features

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Paul (Pulseway)

Paul: I'll just demo the Dashboard application first. This application that usually uses ...

Edgar: ... there's a big screen in their office. They have this ... in the office where they can see all their systems.

Paul: We have here a color-based indicators for each system. So we can see that the server this one is amber; that means that there are four elevated alerts over here and we can see which alerts were there.

So if we are in front of a service desk computer, we see that there's a problem with a system; if you right-click on the system, you have the option to remote into the system.

Pulseway Remote Desktop differentiates from a Windows Remote Desktop because we do not require opening any ports in the firewall or providing any configuration at all. You simply deploy the systems on your network and you'll be able to log in with Pulseway Remote Desktop without any other product configuration.

Let's just connect to this system. I have Two Step Authentication enabled on my account so it requires me everytime I connect with system to enter a password that's generated for every request. We just input it right now; it's F-8-1-0-D-3-5.

And here, we are in front of the computer that's in United States. We can right-click, send control ... to the system and log in directly to the system as if we are in front of it.

Jimmy: This is great.

Edgar: On terminal servers where there are actually multiple users connected to a server I'm working, it is actually really good that you can connect to the console session as if you were in front of the computer or to any remote desktop session that's currently active on the system.

Because so far, users who were unable to receive support on their systems, they were connected to our computer through a remote desktop session because most of remote desktop solutions now in the market only allow you to connect to the console session.

But with Pulseway Remote Desktop solution, you connect to any ... active session on the system without any product configuration. All you need to do is to install the agent.