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QAIassist Integrated Methodology

IT product and service delivery management solution for SMBs

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QAIassist Integrated Methodology overview

What is QAIassist Integrated Methodology?

The QAIassist Integrated Methodology is an industry recognized methodology with a set of pre-defined lifecycles, (project management, software development, software testing) phases and deliverables. It is relied upon by SMB's to create new products and also used to develop and support internal business applications (ie payroll, HR, CRM, accounting). It is scalable to the meet the specific needs of an organization or project team and is easily ported into all leading project management tools. It is used by project teams to increase efficiency, improve communication, and ensure application development and support is consistently delivered on time and within budget. It is used by organizations and corporate PMO's as a foundation for IT process management, governance, quality assurance, and operational metrics. The QAIassist Integrated Methodology has been incorporated and is available within a number of the industry leading Project Management tool suites.


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QAIassist Integrated Methodology reviews

Very good

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Cameron Watson

QAIassist - Scalability

Reviewed 2010-06-14
Review Source: GetApp

Nice to see there is finally something available to SMBs who are seeking affordable tools that can help them with developing and supporting IT applications. Also liked the idea of a "free trial" offer.

Was able to scale the methodology life-cycles and deliverables to meet my needs - was not overloaded with formality and "red tape" - could pick and choose as required. Best of both worlds - structure on one hand, flexibility on the other.

Nothing - everything was left in my hands and I used it as was required.

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QAIassist Integrated Methodology pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
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A 90 day "free trial" is offered to users.

QAIassist Integrated Methodology features

API (411 other apps)
Access Control (174 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (230 other apps)
Activity Tracking (124 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (119 other apps)
Auditing (121 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (172 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (111 other apps)
Compliance Management (126 other apps)
Data Import/Export (163 other apps)
Data Visualization (121 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (124 other apps)
Monitoring (268 other apps)
Real Time Data (115 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (146 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (195 other apps)
Search Functionality (115 other apps)
Third Party Integration (231 other apps)
User Management (108 other apps)
Workflow Management (138 other apps)

Additional information for QAIassist Integrated Methodology

Key features of QAIassist Integrated Methodology

  • Ensures consistent and continuous communications between the
  • Easily ported into all Project Management tools (ie MS-Proje
  • Acts as a basis for establishing IT PMO, Governance, Quality
  • Scalable to meet the unique needs of any organization or pro
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- Establishes a consistent process for IT application development and support
- Consistently delivers projects (development and support functionality) on time and within budget
- Ensures consistent and continuous communications between the Business Analysts & IT resources
- Aligned with industry recognized standards, frameworks and best practices (ie PMI, CMM, ITIL, etc)
- Easily ported into all Project Management tools (ie MS-Project, ProjectInsight, AceProject, Entry)
- Acts as a basis for establishing IT PMO, Governance, Quality Assurance, and Metrics
- Scalable to meet the unique needs of any organization or project team
- Ongoing functional and technical support (coaching and training)