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CRG Re-Formatter

Re-format your Dynamics GP Account Framework

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CRG Re-Formatter overview

Re-Formatter allows you to reclaim control of your account framework and easily modify:
* Maximum account length
* Segment size
* Number of segments
* Sorting options

CRG Re-Formatter:
* Maintains the integrity of financial systems during periods of restructuring & growth
* Modifies the account structure to enhance reporting requirements and improve data output

Re-Formatter is the ONLY solution available to modify the account framework in GP after the initial installation.

As you know, your account framework in Dynamics GP is created upon initial install and cannot be altered after set-up.

CRG Re-Formatter offers the freedom to modify your account framework anytime as the needs of your organization’s financial system changes.

With a few simple steps, Microsoft Dynamics GP users can transform their “old” data format into a “new” and improved account framework. View the brochure.

Step 1 - Determine the new account framework

Step 2 - Process the changes and enjoy your new account framework

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CRG Re-Formatter features

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