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What is Samanage?

Samanage doubles up as an IT asset management solution and support desk in one that integrates with over 200 cloud applications. Samanage enables users to monitor asset health by recording the number of tickets raised against that particular asset. In this way, the helpdesk features and asset management capabilities work in conjunction with each other to deliver a robust, overall IT Service Management solution.

At the high level, the SaaS-based asset management feature provides a snapshot of your IT inventory. It provides an overview of risks, asset status changes, incidents and issues - tracking and gathering statistics related to your IT infrastructure. Agents on your Samanage network can continuously report and receive status updates from the cloud-based servers.

Through Samanage, users can detect asset-related risks such as virus threats (or absence of an anti-virus solution) and unauthorized usage. They can also identify the need for asset replacements or exchanges, and meet software compliance standards for IT auditing reports. Finally, you can use the system to add and assign new contracts to assets. In turn, this enables you to create purchase orders for new and recurring contracts.

Samanage was also the first to provide automated warranty management for the likes of HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple.

Samanage is an an IT asset management and support software solution in one. Samanage helps small and mid-sized businesses know exactly what hardware and software they have, while simultaneously delivering superior IT service tools to their internal users and customers including incident management, service catalogs, change and problem management and knowledge base management.

The software enables users to track and tag their entire IT infrastructure (IT assets) while supporting their customers at the same time. You can specify hardware statuses and assign them to specific users. You can track software across your entire network and monitor changes as they happen. You can also build best practices, resolve tickets and review incidents through customized reports.