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ScadaVisor - Remote Oil and Gas SCADA Monitoring and Field Automation

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ScadaVisor overview

ScadaVisor is the first application of its kind in the Oil & Gas industry to leverage the power, scalability and redundancy of a cloud platform. ScadaVisor runs on Microsoft’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) called Windows Azure. This allows Fielding Systems to defer managing costly network infrastructure, software licenses and additional IT staff to focus on offering the most powerful software solutions on the market at a low-cost to our customers. No other hosted SCADA company can match the infrastructure, data security and scalability that Fielding Systems offers through ScadaVisor.

The Fielding Systems polling engine, VisorBridge, was built from the ground up so we can support advanced functionality that is not available in the 3rd party polling engines that most other hosted SCADA providers utilize. VisorBridge is built as an adaptive and scalable engine capable of running on hundreds of servers if necessary to support the collection of production data from remote SCADA devices. This allows a greater level of functionality and customization when polling devices and eliminates 3rd party licensing costs for Fielding Systems which can be passed on as monthly savings to our customers. Since we control every aspect of the data collected from field devices, there is virtually nothing we cannot do for our customers.


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ScadaVisor is billed per active device.

ScadaVisor features


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Key features of ScadaVisor

  • Supports leading flow computers, artificial lift devices
  • Reports real time and historical production data
  • Allows alarms to be defined on any piece of data collected
  • Captures data from remote devices and reports them real time
  • Gives customers the ability to control devices remotely
  • Eliminates the need to purchase special equipment
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ScadaVisor is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides our customers with a comprehensive solution at economical prices. Our customers only pay for active devices being monitored and only pay for what they are using. Other hosted oil and gas monitoring services cannot offer this because they are locked into fixed overhead licensing cost from the 3rd party polling engines they use. We do not lock our customers into multi-year contracts like other providers because we have confidence in our services and our ability to deliver.