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Find & fix store issues that keep customers from purchasing

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Shoppimon overview

Shoppimon is the intelligent platform used by top Magento retailers and agencies to monitor store performance. Shoppimon identifies and alerts users to any performance issues that prevent shoppers from completing a purchase, in realtime, before they impact store revenue.

The power of Shoppimon tech comes from its ability to understand the goals and targets behind a Magento site. So, instead of focusing on the individual parts of a store’s infrastructure, Shoppimon is able to monitor the full customer purchase path. From a customer’s arrival on a store’s homepage through to completing a Product Search, Adding to Cart and completing the Check Out process, Shoppimon alerts users to any serious problems that can result in lost business.

With no integration or setup necessary, Shoppimon is free for stores to begin using.


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Shoppimon screenshot: The Shoppimon Dashboard provides you with a quick overview of your store's health and any issues that have recently occurred. Shoppimon screenshot: The Website Speed Analysis will show you the speed of the key steps in the purchase process, and whether your store has suffered from any slowdowns.Shoppimon screenshot: Reporting allows you to see the performance of individual pages in your store over time. Shoppimon screenshot: Shopping Scenarios are automatically configured for your Magento store when you sign up, and you can also easily add custom scenarios to those automatically monitored.

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Monitor your store for free with Shoppimon.

Shoppimon features

Automatic Notifications
Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Reporting

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Key features of Shoppimon

  • Performance insights
  • SLA tracking
  • In depth issue analysis
  • Issue screenshots
  • Business monitoring
  • Shopping Experience Analysis
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24/7/365 Alerts: Get detailed realtime alerts that take you straight to the root cause of a problem, whenever shoppers are unable to complete purchases on your site.

Insights: Understand how an issue impacts store performance and ties into sales and your bottom line.

Zero Setup & Zero Integration: Just plug in your store URL and begin monitoring. There's no need for a lengthy setup process or support from an IT team.

Competitive Analysis: Find out how your store performs in comparison to industry standards. Are you out or underperforming against your competition?