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ShrinkTheWeb PagePix

A screenshot is worth a thousand links

5.0/5 (10 reviews)

ShrinkTheWeb PagePix Feature Summary

  • Specific Page Capture (full URL path)
  • Full-Length Captures
  • Custom Output Sizes
  • Refresh On-Demand
  • Custom Quality
  • Custom Flash Delay
  • PDF Support
  • Flash Support
  • Custom Browser Resolution
  • Private Label Solutions
  • URL-to-PDF Conversions
  • Automation API

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ShrinkTheWeb PagePix Feature Reviews

7 reviewers had the following to say about ShrinkTheWeb PagePix's features:

Miami Catholic

Way back good experience


I have used their services for a long time and could not be happier.

Source: GetApp
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Enhance visual appeal


We use it on our search engine, company blogs, and general directory. ShrinkTheWeb was built to fill a need for a reliable screenshot service, at a fair price. Alternatives just didn't measure up, so ShrinkTheWeb's founders stepped up.


Reliability Scalability Ease of Use Powerful API Free for many users

Source: GetApp
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Gilad Tiram R&D consultant Fashion at Traffic LTd

ShringTeWeb thumbnails on Fashion Traffic Dashboard


Recently we launched a dashboard for publishers and advertisers.

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Colin FitzGerald

Works flawless in my Drupal installation.


Nothing but a pleasure. Really easy to setup and my users love seeing nifty thumbnails of their websites on a map.

Source: GetApp
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Excellent Product and Support


Communication is quick and easy, the online knowledgebase is extensive and when we had a minor issue (our fault) they quickly provided the required information.

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Simply The Best


I've been using ShrinkTheWeb for years now and it is a rock solid service. Pricing is fair, customer service is excellent, Screenshots are generated quickly and accurately and it was a piece of cake to implement on my site.


Fast Reliable Always Improving Great Customer Service Cost Effective Easy To Use



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Khandokar Shafiqul Haq

I am happy with shrinktheweb app in my site


I was a early user that got this plugin/app free in my site to review to other website. my site doing great with the use of shrink the web. The speed/performance is very cool till now.


Easy to use. Exact preview of the targeted site.


I am not sure about that but currently I am using it with wordpress and it works with other cms too. But I guess a code based system that can be used for any type of website would be cool. I mean java script based or i frame based etc.

Source: GetApp
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