SolarWinds AppOptics Features

SolarWinds AppOptics

Purpose-built infrastructure & app monitoring for DevOps

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SolarWinds AppOptics Feature Summary

  • Performance control
  • Trace individual transactions
  • Root-cause diagnosis
  • Full transaction diagnostics
  • Server and infrastructure monitoring
  • Custom metrics and analytics
  • Container monitoring
  • Integrations and plugins
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Metric data retention
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Distributed transaction tracing
  • APM auto instrumentation
  • APM data retention
  • Plugins and integrations
  • Application performance monitoring (APM) and distributed tra
  • Host and system performance metrics in-cloud or on-premises
  • Business insights
  • Detailed monitoring for Docker
  • Curated AppOptics plugins
  • Access to Snap and Telegraf ecosystems
  • Seamless import and integration for CloudWatch
  • Application, infrastructure, and custom metrics
  • Trace and visualize application bottlenecks
  • Follow the paths of transactions through the application
  • Monitor a broad set of languages and frameworks
  • Distributed tracing and topology data
  • Visualize trends
  • Code-level root cause analysis

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