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SpatialKey overview

Within a few minutes, decision makers can log in and start using SpatialKey. In a few more minutes they can upload data, and with a few mouse clicks they can see important relationships and trends. And in a few more minutes they can share that information across the organization, accelerating understanding and decisions.

Information previously unused is unlocked. No programming. No specialists. No waiting.

Collaboration with SpatialKey means more than just sharing maps. Data and analyses are brought together in interactive form, enabling collaborators to explore information on the fly. In a few clicks, data can be combined and new views created. Users share, understand, and make joint decisions quickly and spontaneously.

SpatialKey is browser-based. With no client software to install or configure, it be can deployed cost-effectively in minutes.

Teams have full interactive access not only to reports but also to underlying data. Whether reports are created for use across the organization or on an ad hoc basis by individuals, team members can quickly customize versions to meet their specific needs.

Nothing helps you put location intelligence to work faster or more effectively than SpatialKey.

SpatialKey can use record-level data taken directly from other business processes. Important details are easily available for analysis. Once analysis is complete, data needed to take action can be exported.

With SpatialKey, location intelligence can be used to improve the effectiveness of existing business processes in minutes.


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Licenses are available starting and $125.00 per user per month.

SpatialKey features

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Key features of SpatialKey

  • Map your data instantly
  • Use and compare multiple data sources
  • Filter and compare time based data
  • Chart the statistics of your data
  • No Programming, No Specialists, No Waiting!
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