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What is Stackify Retrace?

A single but multifunctional app monitoring and troubleshooting platform, Stackify assists users in identifying the answers to three questions: Why is my application down? Why is it slow? Why isn’t it functioning as expected? It provides developers a ton of useful and relevant information, such as application performance and metrics, errors and logs, user satisfaction insights, page load times, and database query speeds. Error rates are categorized by app and environment, and Stackify provides high-level monitoring even for very complex app deployments. It supports cloud, VMs (virtual machines), and on-premise applications based on either Microsoft technology or Linux.

The solution allows the development team or anybody supporting an app to more proactively monitor their applications, as it offers deeper visibility into actual behavior within the application, ensuring good performance doesn’t mask an unhealthy app. Stackify's Smart Error and Log Management (SmartELM) feature allows developers to easily find application issues using enhanced error reports and the log analysis tool, which aggregates all errors found across all servers, making it easier for developers to understand what's happening, reproduce the issue, and fix it.

Aside from a broad spectrum of app monitoring features, Stackify offers a rich set of smart notification capabilities that directly point developers and first responders to the error information coming out of the app, such as who the user was or which server the error happened on, effectively shutting out the noise generated by too much logs and repetitive errors by reporting only the information developers care about, without the added time and effort. With Stackify, you get enhanced SMS or email alerts whenever new errors occur or error rates surpass acceptable thresholds.

Stackify is an all-in-one app monitoring solution that offers software developers, operations and support managers an innovative cloud-based platform that allows them to monitor and troubleshoot their applications more efficiently. Stackify lets businesses achieve complete visibility around application monitoring, which affords them the ability to easily detect and resolve application problems before they spiral into full-blown customer experience nightmares.

Unlike other solutions that focus on just one or two monitoring and troubleshooting functionalities, hence, incomplete information, Stackify combines monitoring, errors, logs, metrics, secure application visibility or insight in a single platform, connecting the dots to provide developers with a holistic view and understanding of how data are linked across multiple sources, allowing for a more comprehensive insight into the app’s overall health, and faster and more proactive monitoring, diagnostic and issue resolution.

Some of Stackify’s main features include all-in-one monitoring, contextual cross-server metrics, custom metrics, centralized app-centric dashboards, and optional read-only access.