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Performance monitoring & cost analytics for public clouds

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Unigma overview

Unigma is a unified cloud management solution for managed services providers and IT companies using or selling public cloud services. The platform provides performance monitoring, automation, alerting and cost analytics for public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Unigma’s cloud monitoring features include performance dashboards that allow users to gain visibility by correlating events with performance metrics from multiple clouds, as well as different customers and cloud services. Users can analyze and compare performance and get alerted on cost metrics to ensure customers don’t exceed their budgets. Automation features allow users to schedule tasks, stop/start instances, attach/detach storage, perform backups, and more.

Cloud cost analytics enable companies to visualize spend and can be filtered by cloud, service, customer and more. Users can get cost saving recommendations for unused or oversized instances to improve cloud utilization, as well as send and receive cost reports to make improved decisions about budgets and control spend.

Unigma’s billing manager enables users to automate Microsoft CSP (Office365 and Azure) and AWS reseller billing to bill customers for cloud usage. Users can bill for direct CSP subscriptions as well as push invoices to Autotask and ConnectWise PSAs. Features allow companies to create and send invoices with custom line items, schedule invoicing and track all customer transactions.


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Unigma screenshot: Perform troubleshooting and analyses by viewing metrics from multiple clouds, customers and services on a single dashboardHow To Monitor Cloud Performance With UnigmaUnigma screenshot: Create customer and internal reports and send branded reports to customersUnigma screenshot: Add unlimited numbers of customers and invite them to log inUnigma screenshot: Monitor and alert on the health of any cloud serviceUnigma screenshot: Visualize cloud spend and filter by cloud, customer, service, and moreUnigma screenshot: Get cost saving recommendations for unused/oversized instances with customized analysisUnigma screenshot: Follow custom recommendations based on thorough cloud cost analysisUnigma screenshot: Get alerts for customers' cost metrics across different cloudsUnigma screenshot: Bill customers by creating and sending invoicesUnigma screenshot: SmartTasks can perform any task automatically, based on eventsUnigma screenshot: Schedule on-demand tasks and stop/start instancesCloud Cost Analytics by Unigma

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Unigma features

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Additional information for Unigma

Key features of Unigma

  • Performance analytics
  • Cost management
  • Billing & provisioning
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Office 365 billing
  • AWS reseller billing
  • Azure billing
  • Reporting
  • Policy driven monitoring
  • Alerting / email alerts
  • Automation
  • Dashboards
  • Whitelabel
  • Integrations
  • Analyze and compare performance
  • Recommendations
  • Multi cloud
  • Performance metrics
  • Branded reports
  • Multi tenant
  • Multiple accounts
  • Escalate alerts
  • Customer communication
  • Platform monitoring
  • Schedule on-demand tasks
  • SmartTasks
  • Policy driven automation
  • Attach/detach storage
  • Perform backups
  • Chained tasks
  • Cost insights
  • Monitor cloud utilization
  • Send and receive cost reports
  • Cost management
  • Control spend
  • Send invoices to customers
  • Set up discounts and upcharges
  • Bill for direct CSP subscriptions
  • Schedule and automate invoicing
  • Send customized reports and invoices
  • Automate Azure billing
  • Cost monitoring
  • Transaction history
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Unigma helps reduce errors with scheduled invoices and automatic billing for Microsoft CSP (Office365 and Azure) and AWS resellers.

Unigma is a multi-tenant platform that allows users to add an unlimited number of customers, technicians or engineers, and invite them to log in to view the dashboards.

Users can create policies for policy driven monitoring and send email alerts, or open and close tickets automatically via Autotask, ConnectWise, and Kaseya Service Desk.

Unigma is a white label solution that allows companies to choose their own domain, upload a logo, and use their own email server to communicate with customers.

The solution helps improve cloud utilization by providing cost saving recommendations for unused load balancers and databases.