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Younicycle Cloud & SaaS

SaaS development platform

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Younicycle Cloud & SaaS Feature Summary

  • Database Builder
  • Website Builder with SEO functionsality + Publish to web
  • Tables Editor with Indexes, Constraints, Triggers
  • Query Builder with expressions editor
  • Graphical Younicycle Recorder and Editor
  • Uploads & Edits for images, files, swfs, css, js, etc
  • Application Editor, Internal Chat, Image Manager
  • Template Editor (for creating pdfs and reports)
  • Actions Editor (write your own php), Files Manager
  • well, we're out of space. There are > 30 MAJOR features

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Younicycle Cloud & SaaS Feature Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about Younicycle Cloud & SaaS's features:

Vladlena Belozerova

Quick Younicycle Review


It seems like a powerful tool, capable of performing multiple functions and applicable to a wide range of specialists.


Possibility of team collaboration.


Unfamiliar with datasources and data manipulation, code writing and such, the capabilities of certain areas of Yonicycle were overwhelming.

Source: GetApp
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