The Future of Work

Preparing for the change and challenges of tomorrow

In recent years, the world of work has seen radical change. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for trends such as the rise of widespread remote working and automation. However, the future of work is ever-changing. To stay competitive, businesses must continue adapting to future changes.

How can businesses maximize efficiency and worker satisfaction?

Remote and hybrid working models are now commonplace, but businesses are still finding the best ways to ensure high productivity, effective collaboration, and worker satisfaction through new employee engagement strategies.

Employees at hybrid small businesses say the top challenges of the hybrid work model are maintaining productivity (40%*) and effective communication and collaboration (35%*).

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Hey there, I’m Brian. I’m a Principal Analyst at GetApp. I bring you insights about HR and recruiting software. I studied at Trinity University and have been covering technology and talent management since 2014. Austin, TX is my home base. I love to travel and hate how much I’m glued to my phone. The tech trend I think you should keep an eye on: Virtual reality! No longer just a niche product for gamers, VR has real HR potential in everything from onboarding to learning & development.
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Hybrid, Shmybrid: Why Customization, Not Location, Is the Key to Improving the Employee Experience

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Despite the Challenges, Small Businesses Are Embracing Hybrid Work

Many companies see a hybrid approach blending in-office and remote work as the way forward after COVID-19. But new GetApp research reveals that small businesses need to commit to major changes and avoid misconceptions for this model to actually succeed.

Jun 21, 2021

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Remote Work

Remote work software provides the framework for employees to work remotely. The software enables people to communicate, manage projects, share files and other essential tasks which are essential to day-to-day work

What will automation mean for businesses?

The development of artificial intelligence continues to accelerate, along with the number of tasks that no longer require human workers. This brings both opportunities and challenges for businesses looking to harness the potential of this powerful technology.

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Artificial Intelligence Software (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software aims to imitate human behavior and learning patterns. Businesses can use AI software in a range of ways including customer service and sales (as chatbots), data analysis, and IT automation.

How will businesses identify and recruit the skills they need?

How businesses recruit future employees will continue to evolve alongside technological and cultural change. Remote work provides new recruitment opportunities while AI could reduce the need for human employees overall.

53% of small-business employees say they are moderately or extremely likely to consider looking for a new job if they aren't offered some sort of flexible working arrangement where they could work from home at least part of the time.

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How to upgrade your recruiting process

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Maybe your your job postings are attracting few applicants? Or perhaps you’re overwhelmed with resumes? In this video, we’ll share three tips on how to upgrade your recruiting process.

How can HR leaders keep up with the pace of change?

HR leaders must continuously review their workforce planning. Changing work practices, employment models, and worker expectations are just a few of the more predictable challenges businesses will need to address.

69% of small-business decision-makers want employees to be on-site at least three days a week, while 76% of small-business employees want to be on-site three days or fewer.

How can businesses ensure their workforce stays competitive?

Employees need to continue learning and developing their skills throughout their careers. Businesses will play a key role in reskilling and upskilling to ensure their workforce is sufficiently dynamic.

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Survey methodology

*The GetApp Hybrid Work Survey was conducted in April 2021 among 503 decision-makers and 488 staff employees at small businesses in the U.S. with two to 250 employees. The goal of this survey was to learn about challenges, preferences, and outcomes related to the hybrid work model."