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What is Discover360?

Discover360 is an end-to-end eDiscovery suite that empowers corporations, enterprises, & firms to fully manage their workflows for legal holds, preservation, collections, compliance, and review. The platform indexes data from multiple sources into a single repository - managing data in place and facilitating early case assessment and review.

Primary features of the platform include real-time searching, self-authentication, optical character recognition (OCR), and data export. Discover360 provides a unified tool to manage the complete eDiscovery lifecycle from holding, collecting, ingesting, filtering and reviewing to production of data. The solution offers built-in analytics including concept clustering, keyword analysis, duplicate suppression, and timeline reports. Decision tree filtering enables legal teams to create custom search criteria combining multiple terms using a drag-and-drop workflow.

Discover360 facilitates early case assessment which lets users view file count, duplication statistics, custodian breakdown and additional documents to identify responsive data sets. The platform integrates with most cloud & enterprise applications such as Office365, G Suite, OneDrive, Box, Workday, and Slack to collect & manage data in place and allow users to search in real-time.


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