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TrialWorks overview

TrialWorks is a case management software solution, available as TrialWorks Hosted for private HIPAA compliant cloud-based deployment. Intended for use by litigation attorneys and staff within legal law firms of any size, TrialWorks is built on the Microsoft Office platform and underpinned by an SQL Server database. The robust technology securely caters to the full litigation process from "effortless" case intakes all the way to trial, centralizing contact and document management. Document assembly can be automated alongside the tools for importing scanned paperwork, docket items and associated assets into a cohesive file.

All accessible via an intuitive dashboard-based interface, additional features include calendar management and synced scheduling of trial dates, deadlines, court appearances, incidents and more. A settlement calculator and negotiations management support is joined by capabilities for processing billable case hours and general accounting, while medical requesting and records tracking is also possible. TrialWorks Search Server bolts on deep searching options for querying the system database and locating documents quickly by name and type or using keyword search to find texts within documents. Companion TrialWorks mobile apps then support remote connectivity, giving Android and iOS users access to current and previous case information.


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TrialWorks screenshot: TrialWorks features a tabbed, dashboard-based frontend that can be accessed from web-enabled desktop and mobile devices alikeTrialWorks Case Management Software DemoTrialWorks screenshot: Companion mobile apps for iOS and Android allow users to remotely search the TrialWorks database for related case informationTrialWorks screenshot: Centralized document storage and management is available via the mobile app, along with features for document upload etcTrialWorks screenshot: Use the mobile app to easily file case notes and associated activities including logging phone call conversations at particular times on particular daysTrialWorks screenshot: The TrialWorks Today tab provide a home summary of critical calendar dates, a task checklist and recap of recent activitiesTrialWorks screenshot: The case retainer screens use a tabular layout featuring multiple customizable input fields for logging important case informationTrialWorks screenshot: Matter intake is simplified thanks to the client entry screenTrialWorks screenshot: Track contacts pertaining to all other parties, including attorneys on the opposing counselTrialWorks screenshot: View records for every contact relating to a case within a matter of clicks TrialWorks screenshot: Generate documents from templatesIntro & Dashboard

TrialWorks reviews

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David Grimmett

Good for Litigators

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-10
Review Source: Capterra

My firm consists of two lawyers and two paralegals. We primarily handle 80 percent personal injury and 20 percent family law. I have used Trialworks for approximately 7 years along with PCLaw for accounting purposes. Before that, we used Amicus which was good; however, it didn't have the capabilities that Trialworks had at that time. In the beginning of using Trialworks, we were using Trialworks primarily as a hub for all case information including pleadings, correspondence, etc and we finally began using it to maximize efficiency approximately five years ago with its abilities to create forms using templates and automatically generating workflow. It is very good for litigation purposes, but for pre-litigation purposes, it falters. It is very difficult to manipulate the intake screen and if you handle several different types of personal injury or other types of litigation, you will need do several work arounds. The workflow works well; however, if you want any triggering events, you will need to make sure that your staff is well trained, or you will begin to see events falling through the cracks. The customer service is okay; however, recently every time we try to call we are placed on hold for approximately 20 minutes only to leave a message waiting for technical support to call back who generally calls back within 24 hours. We have suggested many changes, and some of them have taken as much as two years to take effect when Trialworks is promising that they will arrive sooner. If you use PCLaw or Quickbooks for accounting purposes, Trialworks meshes well with both and you can send billable time to both. Regarding templates, it is somewhat difficult to learn how to create templates using the bookmark features, but once you have created a good template, you can use it to build other templates. If you are looking for a good out of the box solution that is server based, Trialworks is definitely a contender. If you are looking for something with more customization, I would suggest that you look at other companies. Good luck!Ease of use and out of the box capability

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David Rapoport

Trialworks: What else do you need?

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-10
Review Source: Capterra

Since initially implementing the TrialWorks software in my PI practice, I have literally saved myself hundreds if not thousands of hours in paperwork and organization, and thousands of dollars in time and staff. FIrst of all, the support is stellar. You simply call and/or go through the online portal, and in minutes you have someone on the computer who is fixing the problem or addressing your question. Everyone who responds to your inquiry is qualified and knowledgeable in the software and I have never had a situation where they were NOT able to resolve my issue or question within minutes.'s that good. Since the software is primarily geared toward a personal injury practice, and with the constant tweaking of the interface based upon user feedback, it pretty much covers most of everything I need in my practice. Scanning of documents into the interface is easy and organized. Moving emails and documents into files is a breeze. The integration with Outlook, Quickbooks, MS Office, MedQuest, and others makes the program incredibly useful in that you barely need to use any other interface during your entire day. Everything can be accessed through TrialWorks. After decades of using the product, I could NEVER go back to simply using desktop folders and Windows for file management. TrialWOrks has made my office practically paperless, and I am very close to being completely paperless. The good news is that you can be as paperless, or papered, as you deem necessary. TrialWorks is light years ahead of the basic organization capabilities of a desktop manager, and with their Cloud-based option, it is now feasible for ANY size firm or budget. I highly recommend it.The ease of retrieving information and putting information into the interface via Outlook, scanning, etc. Also, the Reminders and Tickler system is a lifesaver.

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Christopher Nace

The Most Comprehensive Case Management System Around

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-06-15
Review Source: Capterra

Our firm began using TrialWorks just over seven years ago. We had never utilized a case management system before, so this was a big change for our office. Our transition to a paperless environment was slow at first, but TrialWorks gave us the flexibility to use as little or as much of its functionality as we wanted. What was great about the program was that we were able to move our entire practice'really, everything we do on a daily basis'to this new software at our own pace and still feel like it was instantly a good investment. TW integrates completely with Outlook. So we end up keeping our TrialWorks 'Docket' and still maintain a master calendar on Outlook, along with our own personal calendars. We begin everything for a case in TW: email, pleadings, correspondence, you name it. We have templates for everything through TW. So my form discovery is all in TW and when I need to pull it together, I just hit 'Create New' and it populates it with the defendants' names, etc. We keep all of our contacts in TW and can even attach CVs to a contact entry. TW integrates with QuickBooks, so we can see exactly how much money we have in a case or all of our cases. There are negotiation and settlement calculators as well. All of our depos are stored in TW. There is a screen for liens, so we can keep track of the liens in a case also. Another great feature is the reporting ability. We can assign statuses to our cases and run a million different reports. We also manage all of our new case intake in TW. And while the software itself is powerful, flexible and intuitive, the support of the TrialWorks team is what gives us the utmost confidence that this was the right choice for us. They consistently help us learn new ways to utilize the software, they are constantly upgrading the program'often times with changes that we or other attorneys have suggested'and they are always there to answer even the most mundane questions. Simply put, they listen to their clients and respond to their clients' needs. With the app I can pull up any document, email, contact, etc. on my iPhone or iPad. There is an Android app as well. TW also offers a hosted solution: everything is in the cloud. With that option they provide you with Office 2013, QuickBooks, and other software you might use in your practice. They basically take care of all of you networking.Like most firms, we have a few business partners that make our practice tick. TrialWorks is at the top of that list. We didn't buy a case management system when we bought TrialWorks. We entered into a long term partnership with a team that is there to help us run an efficient law office.

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Diane Danois

Case Management Attorney

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-07-14
Review Source: Capterra

The learning curve for this product was steep, but once the basic functionality was understood, it applied throughout the application making each step much easier. Customer support has been outstanding from the sales process through implementation through support ... we've never been left waiting for answers. What I like best about TW is its flexibility to integrate seamlessly with other applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. It has strong report-writing capabilities, and allows you to leverage Excel and Word to create dynamic reports that are fully customizable. This has made the data that we are collecting on a daily basis to be very useful for both paralegals and attorneys. While the day-to-day management of case information is critical, the breadth of data we now have insight into is equally critical from a business perspective.

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Nathaniel Fick

Practice changing, wonderful, and powerful TrialWorks.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-03
Review Source: Capterra

I was introduced to TrialWorks at a 360 Advocacy conference in Denver. I sensed in a heartbeat, this was precisely what I had been looking for to assist in evolution into the Cloud and law practice future. It is the singularly best technology move we have made in all years of practice. I have recommended this case management system to many colleagues since then, and continue with a heartfelt and comfortable enthusiasm to this date. MEGA Team at TrialWorks, there to assist whenever something is needed, and excellent growth tutorial blasts from them along the way. Simply outstanding! The dependability and ease of use is remarkable. The breadth, depth, appreciation of what it takes to manage and drive a case smoothly over months into years, with many folks to communicate, many things to accomplish correctly and on time, and that same appreciation for the critical reality that time is finite, makes this case management stand well above all others we reviewed. Five years into it we are still learning new tricks, new wonderful shortcuts .... and the only limiter is ourselves. We simply love TrialWorks!

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TrialWorks features

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Additional information for TrialWorks

Key features of TrialWorks

  • Case notes
  • Conflict management
  • Docket management
  • Discovery management
  • Communication tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Reminders
  • Discovery management
  • OCR
  • Case defined timekeepers
  • Conflict management
  • Multi-office
  • Reminders
  • Rules-based scheduling
  • Staff calendar
  • Centralized calendar
  • Client management
  • Document management
  • Expense tracking
  • Records management
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Android & iOS apps
  • Case (law) management
  • Email tracking
  • Document generation
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Document import
  • HIPAA compliant hosting
  • Database conversion
  • Dashboard-based UI
  • Settlement calculator
  • Billable hours tracking
  • Outlook plugin
  • TrialWorks Search Server
  • Document text search
  • Negotiations management
  • Multi-office
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Designed specifically for litigation attorneys and law firms of every size, TrialWorks provides case management software available as a privately cloud-hosted solution for centralized online access.

Allow all staff to control office operations with the promise of an intuitive tab-based dashboard UI for managing case matters, accessible from any web-enabled device.

Features follow a case from initial intake, bringing together contact and document management, assembly, email and communications tracking plus automated calendar scheduling.

TrialWorks Search Server adds powerful, scalable search capabilities for querying a TrialWorks database, supporting the fast finding of documents and text within PDFs, emails, etc.

Smartphone apps for Android and iOS devices ensure native mobile access with tools for viewing case chronologies, reviewing deadlines and court dates, adding notes, uploading documents and more.