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AdvocateHub use case: Alec Pinkham

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6th of September, 2016
Time well spent

Influitive is a platform that will reward direct efforts towards customer engagement. With an incredibly detailed onboarding process and a culture of using their own platform to engage with their customers, Influitive makes it relatively easy for anyone to start an advocacy program for their business. If you're looking to get to a customer conference someday or build towards a referral stream the best time to evaluate Influitive is the present.

What do you like best?

- Rich platform for both engagement and reporting - Detailed onboarding and guidance - Feedback for multiple teams from willing customers - Simple pathways towards greater engagement - Measurable ROI (after ramp period) - Quantifiable engagement beyond social media metrics

What do you dislike?

- Long ramp time (weeks to months) - Expensive first bite with longer payback period - Most effective with a dedicated customer marketing or customer success person behind it

Why did you end up selecting AdvocateHub over other applications?

We selected Influitive because it fit our needs perfectly with plenty of room to grow. We first thought about doing this ourselves and after a little deliberation we decided that we needed to go full steam towards the program if we wanted it to be effective and we wanted it to last. We spent a lot of time in our industry making people see the benefit of dedicated engineering teams working towards a goal versus homegrown apps that do half of what you want. It was an easy choice once we got the demo and discussed it internally.

What is your main use case with AdvocateHub?

Increasing engagement with our brand as well as building towards a customer conference.

Give one example how AdvocateHub has improved the way your organization functions

We've increased feedback from customers outside of engineering drastically. We have a dedicated team for customer success, but building surveys and rolling them out has been a long process in the past (think months). The biggest timesink now is just getting the right questions. We can roll it out in a day and have responses in two.

What is your ROI?

We're still evaluating full ROI because referrals are being rolled out soon, but we've had lengthy discussions with many customers, had a few do guest webinars, a bunch raise their hand to help with analysts and otherwise been very happy with the testing we can do with messaging.

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This software can be used at any company, but needs to be used at the right time. There should be a core group of users that are utilizing your software daily or weekly and know who you are. The process of inviting new users and turning them into engaged users can range from a day to multiple months. You will get ROI 10x over if you put in the time.

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6-12 months

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