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Social Media Management & Reporting Platform

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Allin1Social overview

Allin1Social is a complete Social Media Management Platform used by media agencies, brands, organizations and individuals. It allows you to manage your Social Media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts in one dashboard.

With Allin1Social you can schedule and publish posts, monitor the traffic of your pages and Apps, analyse your community, the engagement of your fans, and the performance of different channels across all main KPIs. You can even compare different pages for detailed benchmarking analysis.

1) Analyse and optimise your performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+
- Generate detailed reports, customized to your needs and download them in different formats

2) Manage, moderate and schedule your content in all main social networks
- Create your social media team, assign roles and tasks and schedule your post calendar

3) Monitor your competitors
- Follow the performance of your competitors' pages, analyse industry data, monitor keywords and hashtags according to your interests

4) Compare your page with any other page and discover mistakes and best practices
- Find your strong points and weaknesses compared to your competitors and optimise your social media strategy


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

Allin1Social reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Advanced analytics and reporting, basic SM management

Used daily for free trial
Reviewed 2019-01-04
Review Source: GetApp

The level of monitoring and reporting tools is very high. It is helpful when working on benchmarking competition. I also enjoyed the social media management tools however they do not stand out from competiton (as Hootsuite etc.).

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Social Media Management & Reporting Platform

Kim Stiehl

Great for improving a social media strategy

Reviewed 2015-03-05
Review Source: GetApp

This is a really useful tool with great social media insights. I used to be mostly concerned about content publishing. This tool has made it easy to be able to greatly improve my whole social media strategy.

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Social Media Management & Reporting Platform


Super platform!

Reviewed 2015-01-29
Review Source: GetApp

I've tried many other platforms that promise similar things. Allin1Social stands out with advanced social analytics

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Social Media Management & Reporting Platform

Allin1Social pricing

Pricing options
Free trial

Free account is available.
Premium accounts starts from $9 per brand(each brand is entitled to 1 social network page or profile on Facebook, Twitter, Googl+ and Instagram).

The Basic, Premium, Multi-Page and Research accounts include more benefits, e.g. Page Comparison and Dedicated Support. The detailed pricing is available on:

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Allin1Social reviews

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Allin1Social features

Multi-Channel Marketing
Reporting & Statistics
Social Network Marketing

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Activity Dashboard (228 other apps)
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Competitor Feature Comparison

GetApp Analysis

Social media management doesn’t have to be a slog. Particularly for large companies and agencies handling their clients’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts, social media management, content creation, monitoring, and performance tracking should be easy and fun. Allin1Social has developed a web-based platform that does just that — offering large companies and agencies a way to efficiently manage social media accounts with as little hassle as possible.

Allin1Social gives users full control over multiple social media platforms, and it includes advanced features like content management, scheduling, reporting, and analytics. Industry news and insights are also available for users through Allin1Social’s company blog.

What is Allin1Social?

The goal behind Allin1Social is to provide large companies and agencies with the tools necessary for complete social media management. Allin1Social allows users to manage and analyze their performance on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also includes tools for scheduling and managing content across multiple networks at once.

Businesses that use Allin1Social can monitor their competitors through social media, and compare pages to assess where they stand. Because Allin1Social is a Facebook Strategic Partner Marketing Developer, its features are always up-to-date. Advanced analytics, reporting, page comparison, and social listening tools—which users can filter by location, tone of voice, channel and language—also help differentiate Allin1Social from competitors in the technology marketplace.

Who is Allin1Social for?

Allin1Social was created for large companies and agencies that manage their clients’ social media accounts. A few of Allin1Social’s most well-known clients include Kleenex, Dell, Doritos, Samsung and The Body Shop.

Within the organizations that rely on Allin1Social for social media management, the platform is most frequently utilized by marketing managers and social media teams.

Main features

Analyze Social Media Performance

Allin1Social offers tools that companies and agencies can use to analyze and optimize their performance on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Using Allin1Social, businesses can generate detailed reports, customized to their needs. These reports can then be downloaded in various formats.

Review the Analytics module to access detailed information about your own social media assets. Allin1Social looks at pages, apps, and accounts, and evaluates the performance of these separate assets. Key insights available through Allin1Social include community (who are your fans), communication (what content do they like best), engagement (who is generating the best content), reach (who is viewing content) and key influencers (who is contributing to overall engagement).

Manage Content on Social Networks

Businesses are able to manage, moderate, and schedule the content they post across multiple social networks using Allin1Social’s tools. Using Allin1Social, businesses can create their own social media teams, assign roles and tasks to specific staffers, and schedule posts to go online at certain dates and times.

Use Allin1Social’s set analysis to determine which types of content work best at which times of the day. (For example, your Facebook fans might be most engaged with online offers during the evening.) You can publish content to multiple pages at once and schedule content to post at the most convenient times. You can also tag and compare content by theme, keywords, or periods.

Monitor Competitors

Monitoring the performance of competitors online is a strategic initiative that more and more businesses are taking part in. With Allin1Social, you can follow the performance of close competitors through their social media pages. Allin1Social provides tools for analyzing specific pages, along with industry data, keywords and hashtags.

Choose which competitors you’d like to track, and Allin1Social will begin evaluating their performance on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can monitor your competitors and see how often they publish, what types of content they post, and how quickly their communities are growing.

Uncover Mistakes & Best Practices

Even the best social media campaign has its weak points. With Allin1Social, marketing teams can find their strong points and their weak spots. They can then compare those weaknesses to their competitors, which is a useful way to optimize social media marketing performance and generate an improve ROI.

Using Allin1Social’s multi-page comparison tool, you can create a group of social media pages and apps and compare how they perform in a head-to-head situation. Select a period range and compare those pages in real-time. Full detailed reports are available via web or PDF.


Allin1Social integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and WordPress.


Companies and agencies can use Allin1Social with a promo account, which is available free of charge. Pricing plans, with more features available, start at $72 per month (with an annual billing cycle) for a one-page plan. Custom pricing is available for companies with exceptionally large needs.

Bottom line

  • Optimize the performance of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts
  • Built for large companies and agencies
  • Monitor competitors’ performance on social media
  • Assign roles to members of a social media team
  • Schedule content to publish at future dates and times
  • Get in-depth reports in various formats and compare pages for performance analysis

Additional information for Allin1Social

Key features of Allin1Social

  • Manage accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram
  • Manage, moderate and schedule your content
  • Analyse and optimize your performance on all channels
  • Generate detailed reports, customized to your needs
  • Create your social media team, assign roles and tasks
  • Analyse industry data, monitor keywords and hashtags
  • Follow the performance of your competitors' pages
  • Compare your page with any other page to find best practices
  • Optimize your social media strategy based on the reporting
  • Identify the best performing posts and turn them into FB ads
  • Generate Facebook Market Research Reports
  • Follow key influencers, bloggers and industry news


- Manage, monitor and analyse your performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+
- Schedule and manage your content across various networks
- Monitor your competitors
- Monitor important keywords, hastags and industry news
- Follow key influencers and bloggers
- Compare pages and assess where you stand
- Publish & Schedule content
- Full Analytics exportable in various formats
- Page comparison and Sector analysis
- Create Facebook Ads from your best-performing posts
- Full Page performance assessment