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Allin1Social Feature Summary

  • Manage accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram
  • Manage, moderate and schedule your content
  • Analyse and optimize your performance on all channels
  • Generate detailed reports, customized to your needs
  • Create your social media team, assign roles and tasks
  • Analyse industry data, monitor keywords and hashtags
  • Follow the performance of your competitors' pages
  • Compare your page with any other page to find best practices
  • Optimize your social media strategy based on the reporting
  • Identify the best performing posts and turn them into FB ads
  • Generate Facebook Market Research Reports
  • Follow key influencers, bloggers and industry news

Allin1Social Features In Depth

Analyze Social Media Performance

Allin1Social offers tools that companies and agencies can use to analyze and optimize their performance on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Using Allin1Social, businesses can generate detailed reports, customized to their needs. These reports can then be downloaded in various formats.

Review the Analytics module to access detailed information about your own social media assets. Allin1Social looks at pages, apps, and accounts, and evaluates the performance of these separate assets. Key insights available through Allin1Social include community (who are your fans), communication (what content do they like best), engagement (who is generating the best content), reach (who is viewing content) and key influencers (who is contributing to overall engagement).

Manage Content on Social Networks

Businesses are able to manage, moderate, and schedule the content they post across multiple social networks using Allin1Social’s tools. Using Allin1Social, businesses can create their own social media teams, assign roles and tasks to specific staffers, and schedule posts to go online at certain dates and times.

Use Allin1Social’s set analysis to determine which types of content work best at which times of the day. (For example, your Facebook fans might be most engaged with online offers during the evening.) You can publish content to multiple pages at once and schedule content to post at the most convenient times. You can also tag and compare content by theme, keywords, or periods.

Monitor Competitors

Monitoring the performance of competitors online is a strategic initiative that more and more businesses are taking part in. With Allin1Social, you can follow the performance of close competitors through their social media pages. Allin1Social provides tools for analyzing specific pages, along with industry data, keywords and hashtags.

Choose which competitors you’d like to track, and Allin1Social will begin evaluating their performance on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can monitor your competitors and see how often they publish, what types of content they post, and how quickly their communities are growing.

Uncover Mistakes & Best Practices

Even the best social media campaign has its weak points. With Allin1Social, marketing teams can find their strong points and their weak spots. They can then compare those weaknesses to their competitors, which is a useful way to optimize social media marketing performance and generate an improve ROI.

Using Allin1Social’s multi-page comparison tool, you can create a group of social media pages and apps and compare how they perform in a head-to-head situation. Select a period range and compare those pages in real-time. Full detailed reports are available via web or PDF.

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Allin1Social Feature Reviews

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Kim Stiehl

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Great for improving a social media strategy


This is a really useful tool with great social media insights.

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Digital Marketing Coordinator ( company, 501-1000 employees)
Verified Reviewer

Super platform!


Allin1Social stands out with advanced social analytics

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