Online marketing automation and performance tracking

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PUBLITRAC Feature Summary

  • Lead scoring - Increase your lead quality
  • Lead nurturing - Nurture your prospects into purchasing
  • Automation - Automate your marketing campaigns
  • Measure ROI on multi-channel marketing campaign
  • CRM integration with Salesforce and SugarCRM
  • Lead management - Segment and manage your leads
  • Asset managment - Easily create emails, landing pages, forms

Marketing Feature Comparison

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PUBLITRAC Feature Reviews

3 reviewers had the following to say about PUBLITRAC's features:

Alison George

Easy to get started marketing automation. Suitable for small business


We found the pre-built campaign templates very useful in order to guide us on how to get started.


multi-languages support french and English (and Spanish) is useful as we are a Canadian company A/B/C testing on landing pages social media integration sugarCRM integration AdWords integration

Source: GetApp
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Jean-Francois Gartner

Excellent marketing automation softare


Very nice and clean UI. Perfect for SMB.


Simple form integration Easy to use and understand campaign automation that also supports triggers Very easy to use campaign tracking and reporting.


Email and landing page editors are a bit simplistic but they allow you to do what you need to do.

Source: GetApp
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Charles Perron

Greate marketing automation solution


Great feature set. Two thumbs up!!

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