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Eran Weinberg

Verified Reviewer

Best Affiliate program and customer service


I reviewed most the ambassador programs and LeadDyno is definitely my #1 choice.


Great customer support, user friendly interface, great features, great price


Nothing specific, but it would be great if there was an integration with Zapier.

Source: GetApp
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Jeremy Boggess

Verified Reviewer

How NOT to train your sales staff


I am looking for an affiliate tracking software and someone suggested LeadDyno as an alternative to Ambassador. I asked for a comparison, and their answer was "We're cheaper and have customer support :)".

Source: GetApp
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Response from LeadDyno

Unfortunately Jeremy verbally attacked a hardworking member of our support team right out of the gates on Live Chat.


Jeremy: I recommend your team put together a features comparison page :)

Our Chat Agent: Thanks for the feedback.

Jeremy: No problem. I have done that to my competitors as well, so I know you just feel great about your product :)

Our Chat Agent: We created LeadDyno because we tried them all ourselves and weren't happy. We were looking for an affiliate program for our sister company

Jeremy: Dude you are so defensive!!


Jeremy then wrote to me advising that I "immediately fire our support agent."

Our Agent has been with us for over a year. He's outstanding. And it's not his fault he doesn't have a competitor comparison page.

First, unlike Jeremy, we do not obsess over our competitors. We focus on making our product as good as it can be, based on the feedback we get from our own customers.

In my 10+ years as a software entrepreneur, I've learned it's better to focus on making your own product better rather than obsessing over what competitors are doing.


So, when I refused to fire our Agent:

"Thanks Jeremy. If you have specific questions about LeadDyno please let me know."

Jeremy then wrote to me:

"The fact that you weren't willing to take responsibility for your team member's reaction shows that you need to seriously adjust how you do your training."

However I had taken full responsibility for the conversation previously, when I wrote that it was my fault he didn't have a comparison page handy.


Our CEO then wrote directly to Jeremy in an attempt to calm him down:

"Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your feedback. We are constantly reviewing and rebalancing our sales messages, taking into account both effectiveness as well as the opportunity cost of dealing with “high maintenance” customers who, too often, end up consuming quite a few sales and support resources without generating enough corresponding revenue. You would not believe some of the people that our sales team ends up dealing with, particularly via the online chat channel. This ends up, of course, short changing our “good” customers, with slower response times and a noisier support environment, something we wish very much to minimize, to keep our support at a very high level.

Looking at the original chat, I see a sequence that, in my mind, reasonably balances these competing desires given the information our sales person had available to them, but we will review this sequence, in particular, in our next sales meeting.

Thank you for considering LeadDyno,


To which Jeremy replied:

"Wow, all you had to say is "I'm sorry", but instead you too are on the defensive, giving me excuses and defending him instead of a simple "thanks for the feedback, we will work on it." Your company has just earned a 1 star review as obviously both you and Brett are the cause of the poor sales training.


Carson then replied:

"You seem upset, Jeremy. Have we done anything to upset you?

Thank you again for considering LeadDyno.


We never heard back from Jeremy. He just went ahead and left this 1-star review.

LeadDyno Reviews
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