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Referral software for companies with sales teams

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Best suited for 250+ employee companies, Amplifinity referral partner management software provides a steady flow of leads from referral sources you partner with including customers, non-reseller partners, agents, consultants and more. Automate the tracking and management of referrals and handling of reward fulfillment and variable incentive structures. A Salesforce integration drives sales referral productivity. Companies like ADP, LogMeIn and Citrix trust Amplifinity to automate their referral programs.


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Amplifinity screenshot: Personal referral source homepage is white labeled and gives referral transparency and a wide range of referral methods to choose from.Amplifinity ExplainedAmplifinity screenshot: Program performance dashboards show direct ROI from promotions through to new customers. Deep analytics and reporting give rich advocate data to improve marketing efforts.Amplifinity screenshot: Amplifinity Connector for Salesforce is a managed app on the Salesforce AppExchange and has the deepest capabilities for sales to drive advocate recruitment and referral activity.Amplifinity screenshot: Sales can input verbal referrals directly into Salesforce and tracking and fulfillment automated with AmplifinityAmplifinity screenshot: Reward types and structures that fit all advocates and encourage repeat referralsAmplifinity screenshot: Tax information collection handled so your program can be tax compliantAmplifinity screenshot

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Michael Vartanian

Customer Referral Program

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-07-20
Review Source: Capterra

Amplifinity's referral platform offers us all of the features we need to capture, track, and reward referrals. Amplifinity's integration with Salesforce automates the process of managing and tracking incoming referral leads, which allows our sales team to focus on sellingSimplicity of use for our customers and sales reps. Robust reporting capabilities and Amplifinity's flexibility to meet our specific program requirements

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Referral software for companies with sales teams

Randy Fahrbach

Best product to scale partner lead generation

Reviewed 2016-12-20
Review Source: Capterra

Comments: Amplifinity virtually eliminated our manual processes so that everything from partner registration through to incentive calculations and fulfillment is automated. This allows us to get leads from our partners in a very scalable/cost-effective way. The best part is that we have total management control to vary incentives at the partner and deal level. Amplifinity's software is flexible enough to meet our needs and has a very educated and supportive staff to make it work natively in our systems of record. Pros: A deep integration with Salesforce is a huge plus for us. Additionally, their expertise with enterprise-level referral programs has been critical to success. Cons: We are early adopters so not all features we want were ready at launch, but the company clearly has roadmap focus on continuously adding features for partners. Recommendations to other buyers: Think differently about deal registration and instead start a referral program with Amplifinity. You won't regret it!

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Referral software for companies with sales teams

Jena Hui

Great Referral Product Out of the Box or Customized

Reviewed 2016-07-20
Review Source: Capterra

We've been using Amplifinity for 3 years and we are very happy with the results. Their closed loop, completely trackable system ensures that no breakages occur between advocates and referrals. Recently we added a mobile referral site to our referral program and saw increased engagement in email and social sharing. Our customers love that they can refer their friends on the go.

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Referral software for companies with sales teams

Wanda Taylor

Easy to Use. Great Support!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-04-17
Review Source: Capterra

It's been a good experienceI liked most that the software was Easy to Use

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Referral software for companies with sales teams

Alfred Collins

Amplifinity Referral Program Review

Reviewed 2016-08-23
Review Source: Capterra

We've seen great results using Amplifinity's referral software. The technology provides a great user experience for our customers, and provides us internally with the data and reporting we need to optimize our referral program. Overall Amplifinity has been a great partner to work with.

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Referral software for companies with sales teams

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      Key features of Amplifinity

      • Brand advocate profiles
      • Advocacy program design
      • Multiple customer touchpoints
      • Touchpoints include POS, mail, social, call centre, mobile.
      • Contests and leaderboards for advocates
      • Manage multiple advocacy program types
      • Email notifications
      • CSR portal
      • Lead routing
      • Multiple 3rd party integrations
      • Routing to your CRM system
      • B2B referrals and social selling
      • Customer referrals and advocacy
      • Employee advocacy
      • Partner + Channel enablement
      • Customer interaction tracking
      • Identify most active advocates
      • Create an online advocate community
      • Customizable reports and dashboards


      Customer referral leads convert to a purchase on average 13%. This increase to 30% when sales is involved (The State of Business Customer Referral Programs - Amplifinity).

      Partner referral leads convert to a purchase on average 31%. This increases to 41% when sales is involved (The State of Business Partner Referral Programs - Amplifinity).

      Referred customers have a 16% higher LTV than non-referred (Harvard Business Review)

      Referred customers churn 18% less than non-referred (Harvard Business Review)