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Loyalty Management Platform for Fashion and Retail

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Antavo overview

Antavo provides a SaaS platform and strategy to create customer retention programs that change customer behaviour and increase lifetime value. We turn customer data into personalised, omnichannel experiences through Recognition Loyalty™.

See your customers wherever they are. Brands and retailers can achieve the signgle customer view through connecting the online and offline purchases, and getting to know their customers - with innovative mobile passes and cards.

Encourage the behaviour that you represent. Go beyond rewarding transactions, and reward anything that matter to your brand. E.g. athleisure brands can reward going for a run or completing weekly challenges. Eco-conscious companies can reward bringing back old clothes for recycling. You can encourage people to wear garments, visit your website, or refer a friend - all these with a network of retail tech providers Antavo is working with.

Provide experiences and exclusivity. Create private shopping clubs and special interest groups. Limit access and grant more value to selected customers. Antavo helps achieve personalized communication based on various behavioral mechanics.

Clients include the best breed of retail and fashion brands, like Toys'​'R'​'Us, PEPSICO, Simply Be, JD Williams, Jimmy Jazz and LuisaViaRoma. Antavo's best ecommerce success story is with LuisaViaRoma, who were able to increase their revenues by 8% - and subsequently won the Ecommerce Award for Excellence in the UK in 2018 for Antavo.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 7 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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Antavo screenshot: Loyalty programs powered by Antavo are able to incentivise customer behaviour through all channels - online, mobile, in-store and even in the daily life of customers - when they are working out, talking with friends or wearing your products.How to Run a Tiered Loyalty Program [Customer Loyalty Minutes]Antavo screenshot: Recognition Loyalty™ is a concept for new customer engagement programs that fit the attention span and thirst for experiences of the 21st-century customer. It enhances the traditional concept by adding new layers, to change customer behaviour.Antavo screenshot: You can reward and track customer actions not only when they buy, but also when they perform other activities. Antavo enables marketers to connect with customers outside the buying cycle.Antavo screenshot: With Antavo’s Customer Experience Automation, you can set up rules and campaigns in seconds. It’s an easy-to-use interface to launch campaigns for customer segments - like a weekend-long double point event for “sleeper” in a selected country.Antavo screenshot: Implementing a retention strategy often comes with many repetitive tasks. Antavo developed a way for end users to be more efficient. With so many improvements delivered, marketers and CRM executives can spend more time focusing on the creative part.Antavo screenshotAntavo screenshotAntavo screenshotAntavo screenshotAntavo screenshotAntavo screenshotAntavo screenshotAntavo screenshotAntavo screenshot[Customer Loyalty Minutes] Going Beyond Transactional Loyalty Programs[Customer Loyalty Minutes] Achieving a high ROI With Your Loyalty Program[Customer Loyalty Minutes] Overcoming the Personalisation Challenge Through Content5 Ways Successful Loyalty Programs Stand Out  [Customer Loyalty Minutes]

Antavo reviews

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Antavo - Piece of Crap!

Reviewed 2015-02-09
Review Source: GetApp

Antavo - What should I say? I'am horribly disappointed. I'am on the expert plan trial (2nd day). Have set up a photo contest. My problems with Antavo are as follows: 1) The Antavo dashboard doest load at all on phones. So, you cannot manage your campaign on the move. Better carry your desktop or laptop with you wherever you go. 2) In the "photo contest" app, the "upload file" link does not trigger anything on Android devices. It's a dead link. Nothing happens! I ran the photo contest for 2 days just to see there were no participants. It works on the microsite though. Also works on laptop and iOS. 3) On the website they mentioned about "email+phone support" for the "Expert" plan. But I do not find any contact number anywhere. 4) So, the phone support is available only when the trial is over and once you pay?? What's the point of free trial at the first place? HORRIBLE!!

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Daniel D'Agostino

The software is ok but there were some bugs.

Reviewed 2014-11-12
Review Source: GetApp

I sent an email about some issues and to notify them of some bugs... then a second email. Finally received a response "we'll research it and get back to you"... never heard back. The Bad: - Aweber contacts need to be manually synced. This is a problem if you ask people to watch for our confirmation email. - Took a very long time to load - Links on Facebook did not work properly when used with mobile devices. The app did not redirect if it recognized a mobile device. Towards the end of the trial, they may have fixed this. - Dashboard won't display properly on mobile devices (no mobile version). I use Shortstack today. It is more difficult to master, but is also much more powerful. Shortstack lacks in offering a link that I can send to customers via email. Their referral popup is lacking and there are no controls for it. I like that I can create actions that show or hide content. Definitely seems to be much more developed. I also tried Contest Domination. After spending a considerable amount of time creating the promotion, I tested it only to learn that it was crap.

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Dhaval Patel -  Google Adwords,Bing Ads Certified

Amazing app... Great response

Used daily for free trial
Reviewed 2018-04-19
Review Source: GetApp

Sleeek and treandy to use, makes us feeel good and warmth.. loved to use it daily antavo application is must

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Dorottya Szander-Ágotai

Increased CV uploads, newsletter registrations and listing reviews

Reviewed 2016-07-01
Review Source: Capterra

We run a career and employment website and were looking for ways to increase the visibility of our job listings. We set up our loyalty program with Antavo's software and, since using the program, we've been able to help our customers (both employers and job seekers) get noticed more on our site. We're currently rewarding customers for several actions they can take on the site, including uploading a CV and reading job postings and this has given us an increase in newsletter registrations, resume uploads, listing reviews and overall activity on our site.

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I love it

Reviewed 2014-03-05
Review Source: GetApp

Antavo delivers. Period. They not only have a great customer service, but also seems to be better than other solutions out there. Antavo excels both in customer acquisition and engagement. Love their newsletter integrations. Note that there are some negligible bugs, else A+. This is the only reason why I am giving them 4 stars.

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Additional information for Antavo

Key features of Antavo

  • Challenges, points, badges and rewards
  • Marketer-friendly platform
  • Custom Design per devices and channels
  • Customer Insights & Segmentation
  • 360-degree customer profiles
  • Social & Referral features
  • Customer profiling apps
  • Visitor acquisition
  • Sweepstakes & hashtag contests
  • Customer referrals
  • Reward purchases
  • Points, levels, leaderboards and daily bonuses
  • Influencer identification
  • ROI analytics
  • Weekly email performance reports
  • Brand advocate identification
  • Customizable interface; multi-currency and multilingual
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- Increase the frequency of purchases
- Increase customer spend
- Build 360-degree customer profiles
- Increase customer engagement and loyalty
- Educate customers
- Gamify customer journey online, in store, mobile and daily life
- Build more personalized email campaigns
- Collect customer data