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Antavo Loyalty Software

Complete SaaS solution for rewards programs

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Antavo is a loyalty software for e-commerce, retail and CPG companies delivering 5x ROI. It helps to run omni-channel loyalty programs to increase revenue.

Our company’s products have helped 25.000+ businesses including ASOS, Diono and American Airlines since 2011.

We publish ebooks, whitepapers and infographics on our blog which have been featured in leading industry media like MarketingProfs, Business2Community and Maximize Social Business.

Our loyalty programs have generated 32 million customer actions, 800 million earned points and 200.000 reward claims so far.

Levels, points, leaderboards, and daily bonuses motivate customers to stay active in your loyalty program. With our recommended presets for your industry, you can set up mechanics that your customers love.

Sweepstakes, coupons, badges, downloadable items, and gifts encourage customers to enrol and stay active in your loyalty program. With our user-friendly platform you can easily visualize, group, and word them.

Reward your customers with points for answering questions about your content that they read or watch. It’s a perfect way to educate customers by making them learn more about you and your products from your blogposts, ebooks, and videos.

Auto-emails, loyalty widgets, and bars notify your customers whenever they earn points or level up. Customize these reminders and change their wording so that they fit your audience’s preferences.

Reward customers for inviting their friends by sharing your content. This function works on mobile, email, and through social channels. The feature helps you to find your influencers, those who bring real prospects and customers.

See how your loyalty program performs in real time. With our actionable stats you can introduce new rewards and activities to reward, and see how the loyalty program affects your customers’ spend.

You can integrate Antavo with a great number of marketing tools and apps you use. We support direct integration with MailChimp, Google AdWords, Facebook Remarketing & Conversation Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Optimonk. For any other integrations you can use our APIs and web-hooks.

Antavo Loyalty Software Reviews (12)

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 Increased CV uploads, newsletter registrations and listing reviews

We run a career and employment website and were looking for ways to increase the visibility of our job listings. We set up our loyalty program with Antavo's software and, since using the program, we've been able to help our customers (both employers and job seekers) get noticed more on our site. ...

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Reviewed 1st of July, 2016 by Dorottya Szander-Ágotai


 Excellent program

I am highly satisfied with this outstanding application, I had no problem with it!

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Reviewed 18th of June, 2015 by Gabor Baranyi

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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits
Devices Supported
Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

Antavo Loyalty Software Pricing

Starting from: $399.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription

Please contact for more information and a personalized demo.

Competitors Pricing

Currency Alliance

Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Collect Loyalty

Starting from: $29.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available

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Key Features of Antavo Loyalty Software

  • Challenges, points, badges and rewards
  • Marketer-friendly platform
  • Custom Design per devices and channels
  • Customer Insights & Segmentation
  • 360-degree customer profiles
  • Social & Referral features
  • Customer profiling apps
  • Visitor acquisition
  • Sweepstakes & hashtag contests
  • Customer referrals
  • Reward purchases
  • Points, levels, leaderboards and daily bonuses
  • Influencer identification
  • ROI analytics
  • Weekly email performance reports
  • Brand advocate identification
  • Customizable interface; multi-currency and multilingual


- Increase the frequency of purchases
- Increase customer spend
- Build 360-degree customer profiles
- Increase customer engagement and loyalty
- Educate customers
- Gamify customer actions

Alternatives to Antavo Loyalty Software


Dorottya Szander-Ágotai

Increased CV uploads, newsletter registrations and listing reviews


We run a career and employment website and were looking for ways to increase the visibility of our job listings. We set up our loyalty program with Antavo's software and, since using the program, we've been able to help our customers (both employers and job seekers) get noticed more on our site. We're currently rewarding customers for several actions they can take on the site, including uploading a CV and reading job postings and this has given us an increase in newsletter registrations, resume uploads, listing reviews and overall activity on our site.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: 6-12 months

Likelihood to recommend

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Gabor Baranyi

Verified Reviewer

Excellent program


I am highly satisfied with this outstanding application, I had no problem with it!


When I had a problem, I just wrote to the facebook team and they always responded in a short time.

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: Less than 6 months

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Proprietor - SEO Consultant - ( company, myself only employees)
Verified Reviewer

Antavo - Piece of Crap!


Antavo - What should I say? I'am horribly disappointed. I'am on the expert plan trial (2nd day). Have set up a photo contest. My problems with Antavo are as follows: 1) The Antavo dashboard doest load at all on phones. So, you cannot manage your campaign on the move. Better carry your desktop or laptop with you wherever you go. 2) In the "photo contest" app, the "upload file" link does not trigger anything on Android devices. It's a dead link. Nothing happens! I ran the photo contest for 2 days just to see there were no participants. It works on the microsite though. Also works on laptop and iOS. 3) On the website they mentioned about "email+phone support" for the "Expert" plan. But I do not find any contact number anywhere. 4) So, the phone support is available only when the trial is over and once you pay?? What's the point of free trial at the first place? HORRIBLE!!


1) Good email options 2) Customization of the contest pages is pretty simple 3) The mechanism and rule settings is nice.


1) Antavo dashboard doesn't load on mobile devices, so forget about campaign management on hand-held devices. 2) Lots of bugs: Upoad file doesnt work when users try uploading pictures from their Android devices. Not sure about Windows and Blackberry. But this sucks when you are paying $249 / Month. 3) Pricing page says "phone support" available. But no phone number is available anywhere on the site or emails. 4) According to some reviews I've read online, the phone support is available after the free trial, once you pay $249. What a JOKE!!

Source: GetApp
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Response from Antavo

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedbacks and we are sorry for the inconveniences that you may have experienced by using our service. We would like to reflect on your points, as we couldn't get in touch immediately due to the weekend in general and the time zone differences:

1) Mobile compatibility of the Antavo platform: So far we have prioritized the mobile compatible performance of our apps, so campaign subscribers have a seamless experience on various devices. Of course, we know that its also important for our clients to monitor their campaigns’ performance whenever and wherever they wish. It’s in our development pipeline as a priority.

2) An uploading issue on Android devices: This is unfortunately out of our control, a noted Facebook bug that we have already flagged to them several times. The key point is that Facebook’s own "browser", which automatically opens links doesn't allow file uploads. For iOS we have a temporary workaround, but not for Android which is more difficult to manage.

3) Phone Support: Our support has been rated outstanding so far. As our product is globally available, we prefer email communication due to the time zone differences. However, we do pick up the phone when is needed. That is the reason why you should leave your phone number in your profile settings.

4) Free trial: during this 7-day validation period you can even request a free demo from us. We usually schedule these calls to the weekdays.
Please note that we take support very seriously and you can reach out to us @ anytime. This also leaves with you the option to schedule a call if you wish to.

Look forward to talking to you.

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Daniel D'Agostino

Verified Reviewer

The software is ok but there were some bugs.


I sent an email about some issues and to notify them of some bugs... then a second email. Finally received a response "we'll research it and get back to you"... never heard back. The Bad: - Aweber contacts need to be manually synced. This is a problem if you ask people to watch for our confirmation email. - Took a very long time to load - Links on Facebook did not work properly when used with mobile devices. The app did not redirect if it recognized a mobile device. Towards the end of the trial, they may have fixed this. - Dashboard won't display properly on mobile devices (no mobile version). I use Shortstack today. It is more difficult to master, but is also much more powerful. Shortstack lacks in offering a link that I can send to customers via email. Their referral popup is lacking and there are no controls for it. I like that I can create actions that show or hide content. Definitely seems to be much more developed. I also tried Contest Domination. After spending a considerable amount of time creating the promotion, I tested it only to learn that it was crap.


Easy to setup


I primarily gave it a one star because there was no support... but there were a handful of marketing related emails.

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Response from Antavo

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your valid feedback. Antavo was in a heavy transition phase at the end of last year with a pressure on the entire team. This is not an excuse though, and let us comment on your points, despite we have already done it a while back ago in email:

1) Aweber integration: your issue is out of our control, it's an Aweber policy that the collected leads can not be synced to your list without a second confirmation from your subscribers. In other words when you start the synchronization process, the subscribers will automatically receive an email from Aweber to consent their subscriptions.

2) Mobile device redirects: This must have been a temporary issue as all of our apps are mobile optimized even for Facebook or microsite campaigns.

3) Dashboard mobile compatibility: Until now we have focused on maximizing the mobile compatibility of our apps (see point 2), but we have also recognized your need and improvements here are in top priority.

Should you change your mind and give another chance to our service, we are here for your availability @

Look forward to hearing from you.

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A good choice for smart marketers


I was so surprised when I discovered that this company offers so much more than its competitors. Antavo is great for smart marketing and I am not just saying that...

Source: GetApp
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Janet Jiang

This is the best!


Antavo is a super easy to use tool. I like its templates, which make creating a beautiful promotion without HTML knowledge possible. That’s why Antavo is the only Facebook promotion app that we are using. We are very satisfied with it.

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I love it


Antavo delivers. Period. They not only have a great customer service, but also seems to be better than other solutions out there. Antavo excels both in customer acquisition and engagement. Love their newsletter integrations. Note that there are some negligible bugs, else A+. This is the only reason why I am giving them 4 stars.

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Wahid Rouhli

My social media assistant


I am a big fan of the platform because of its ease of use. I am a social media professional and I think that having Antavo is like having somebody else by my side helping me achieving result on my social marketing actions.

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James Nocentini

Antavo has it all


Lead generation contests, assistance for targeted advertising, user profiling, assistance for personalized newsletters and emailing. A really great service that helps convert Facebook users into paying customers.

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Really helpful marketing tool


Antavo are not only bothered about their own success, but their customers success as well. The advice and support they gave me really encouraged me and helped my marketing strategy.

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