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Appforma overview

What is Appforma?

Appforma creates over 50 personalized campaigns spread across a 12 months marketing program in conjunction with major holidays and industry relevant events. Each campaign includes a promotion Appforma creates and traffic Appforma delivers via social posting, email marketing and advertising. Appforma also retains your customers by pushing offers on their birthdays or based on points earned through their purchasing/social activity.
From concept, setup and execution to graphics, text and reporting, Appforma does everything for you.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia

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Appforma pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
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30 Days free Trial
Starter - $25/Month, up to 500 customers, 15% commision on ads budget
Pro- $99/Month, up to 2500 customers, 10% commision on ads budget
Unlimited- $199/Month, up to 10000customers, 5% commision on ads budget

Appforma features

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Key features of Appforma

  • DIFY - Setup, execution, graphics done for you
  • Personalized 12-month marketing program
  • Multiplatform publishing
  • Automated loyalty programs
  • CRM – Leads are automatically sent to your Appforma CRM
  • Conversation management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Track ROI to in-store sales
  • Always market - Weekly suggestions for your next campaigns
  • You’re in control - Full customization options
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Personalized 12-month marketing program with 50 ready-to-launch automated marketing campaigns and loyalty activities which include social posting, email marketing, advertising and promotions.