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Apptus overview

What is Apptus?

For decades, information systems have been primarily designed to store and retrieve information. Whether the information retrieved and presented is relevant to its audience, has been treated as a task of optimization. This is often performed by a few administrators who decide what should be relevant to everybody by configuring the system manually.

Relevance is not solid by nature. Like mercury, it changes shape and adapts to all dimensions of its container. The very definition of relevance can change by small variations in time, preferences, business rules, etc. Its liquid nature implies a huge challenge for those who attempt to master these changes manually. Even if the marketers manage to momentarily achieve relevance, time will catch up and change the whole landscape of context.

Apptus has a fundamentally different approach. We don’t build information systems and then try to make them relevant. We put relevance at the kernel of our products, and design them to self-learn how to get relevant and maintain relevance. It’s hard to be relevant if you are lacking pieces of content that is critical to the context of your interactions. Therefore, we have developed automated solutions that enrich content and keep it up to date, might it be product descriptions, user-generated content or rich-media.

We view every page we expose as an opportunity to make the best of a moment of attention. The smaller the window of attention, the greater is the importance of relevance. Our products and solutions enable businesses and institutions to cherry pick the best set of content in order to guide, advise and inspire with an unlimited variety of contexts.


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Campaign Segmentation
Customizable Branding
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