Autopilot Tutorials - Contacts, reports & integrations


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Autopilot Tutorials - Contacts, reports & integrations

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Guy (Autopilot)

Guy: We have our contacts center where you import and organize the segment, your leads. And the third key component of Autopilot is our reporting center, where you can pull reports of your emails and your in-app heads-ups, and all of this is powered by GoodData's dashboarding reports. So, for example, you could see in emails, open rates, click rates; you can see if you've had emails bounce, why they bounced, hard bounces, no permission; you can see performance, you can see time-based clicks over time, you can see the most engaged contacts, you can see the top performing journeys, and you can see click performance by URL. So, you can actually drill into URLs and download all the users or add them to a list who have clicked, for example, a promo offer in a recent newsletter or a mailing.

And the last key component to know about Autopilot is how to connect with the various apps. We have a Salesforce sync that allows you just to go and connect with a Salesforce instance, and then you can map all your fields in Salesforce, from leads, accounts and contacts into Autopilots fields. You can also create groups. So you can assign, for example, leads to groups.

We also have other app connections, segments, which is the event tracking application; Recurly for subscription; Twilio for your own Twilio and text messaging; Zapier allows you to connect to 500+ marketing apps, like maybe Eventbrite, Shopify, GoToMeeting: many of the apps that marketers use every single day.

And then lastly, your Slack instance where you can configure internal notifications, so that when a new user signs up for trial, you can notify your sales team. Or if a customer gets stuck in a certain point during their onboarding process, you can send a proactive notification to your success team to reach out.

And so, we always say start simple, do some one core challenge. Are you most focused right now on creating a really great welcome experience? Are you more focused on finding the hot leads that are sitting in your database that you know you haven't been able to stay in touch with until recently, or are you more focused on how to enable new users? We say pick one, build out your first journey, hook it up to your forums, add a tracking code to your site, and start to watch the results and then start adapting and evolving from there.