Autopilot Tutorials - Customizing and publishing a project


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Autopilot Tutorials - Customizing and publishing a project

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Guy (Autopilot)

Guy: So the first thing you'd notice is we're going to switch over to live view, and live view is obviously a live running view, and you can see the numbers that will show in real-time the actions and activities as people trigger this journey.

So, we're now going to return back here. We're going return back to our WineTime site. Now, one thing you're going to see here is we have the Autopilot tracking code already preconfigured in here. If I go back in Autopilot to my main dashboard, you can see 19th of January, 11:33AM, Guy Marion just visited this page. Now, I am using a demo account so I'm a known user, but you can see that we do have anonymous visitors who visit this page as well, and the objective is to convert an anonymous user into a known user so they become a lead that you can nurture into a sale.

You also see that it's a real-time feed, we're constantly getting updated information. I went from that download page back to the homepage. So, let's go to the homepage. We're a new user. We've come here. We're going to download this catalogue and I'm going to go ahead and put in here my first, my last name. I'm going to use a different email address, I've actually been in here before, I'm going to put in my phone number, and I'm actually not going to put in my real phone number for the purposes of this demonstration. And so, it's going to actually tell me that it's failed to message, but that's okay.

So I've now just submitted this form, so let's go back into Autopilot and see if ... You can see here, we've seen a new activity. You'll see Guy Marion has submitted the WineTime form. Like I mentioned, if I've been this anonymous 130 user, immediately this point of time I would've just become Guy Marion and all of my previous activities in here would've switched to Guy Marion visited as opposed to anonymous 130.

You can see my first name, my last name, my email address, and you can see here just a fake telephone number. And then from there, you can see that if you come back into Autopilot here and we go back up to our journey, and we go to WineTime, then you're going to see here in the live view that we're actually triggering all the way through here.

So, you can see here the form was submitted, and then we're continuing through as you can see. An email has just been sent. You can see that a Slack message has been sent to our Slack channel internally. A text message is being attempted and have been added to a list as well. So, all of those actions have occurred. I can go real quick into my email inbox and take a quick look here and get a look at the 'Thanks for downloading our catalog, Guy'. 'Congratulations on getting your favorite wines delivered to your inbox.'

Then we're going to go back to this site here, and let's navigate back to the homepage. Again, I'm a user. I like it. I've been directed back in here. And then the next thing you're going to see is there's that heads-up. "Guy, we appreciate you downloading our catalogue. Would you like to schedule a free tasting?" This can be embedded with an application as well, not just on a website. You can actually embed this directly in your product, like a SaaS app. So you can do in product messaging. It's very effective to welcome new users into a trial, to alert people of new product feature updates, or to notify of an upcoming webinar in the next two hours, for example.