Autopilot Tutorials - Heads-up messages


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Autopilot Tutorials - Heads-up messages

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Guy (Autopilot)

Guy: Speaker: Now, the next thing you might want to do, is you might want to send them a message on-site that actually thanks them for doing this. So, what that is, is we've created what's called a heads-up message here. Now, a heads-up is a way to actually display, in the context of your user, a message that will be relevant where they are and very personalized.

So, here we want to say, download pricing, and we're going to use a call to action type of heads-up. We want to show this on any page in the site, although you could list this to specific pages like your pricing page for example, and we're going to address it from a team member. You can see - you upload your team member's, people's faces in here, and say, "Thank you. We appreciate you downloading our catalog. Would you like to schedule a free tasting?" So we can actually set up a free tasting. And again, we're going to use that little dynamic personalization variable again. We're going to say, first name, we appreciate you downloading, button text, will have this schedule a tasting, and we're going to keep it as pink because it's a nice pink color.

And then from there we can link them to any page. We could say, link to a tasting page. For now, we'll just link to the Autopilot homepage, for example. Actually, we'll just link them back to WineTime, ... Google.

Alright, so there we go. So now, you can see this is what this would look like. This is a preview of that, what we call a heads-up message, and this will appear on the site after they've received that email. So now, we've got two different types of actions here. Someone's filled out the form, they're going to get an email, they're also going to get this heads-up message.

Now, interestingly, we have what's called an outcome wheel. So, we could send this message to them simply if the email's been sent, which of course will default to everybody, or we could send only if the person's opened that email or even clicked that email or bounced that email. We're going to go and say, on-send right now, received that message. But just to sort of spice it up a little bit more, we also want to send a text message thanking them. So, using our built-in tool Twilio integration, which requires no additional set-up from customer or extra cost, we can also say, "You're remarkable. Thanks for downloading our brochure", and we can include that in there as well.

Now, there's many other things we can do within Autopilot, for example, we could assign a lead to a salesperson in simply by, when this is sent for example, you could assign a lead in here, you can connect this to your Salesforce instance and then add a task. You can send an event segment and there's various others. But for now, we're just going go to go ahead and leave this here, and we've gotten through this first piece where we're going to publish this journey.