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Autopilot Tutorials - Help & support

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Guy (Autopilot)

Guy: We have a number of things. First of all, we use our own product internally to nudge and help people get started.

Secondly, for newbies to marketing, what we call the customer journey, we've created a platform called Flight School which teaches you how to become an expert growth marketer with flight plans built in, with things like how to organize your contacts, and some really great tips and tricks in here to find audience or how to start nurturing, for example.

And then the third thing we have through autopilot is we have our support platform where we have a mostly available support team who respond very quickly. We've got great positive feedback from user reviews on our support, as well as a lot of knowledge-based content built out on how to get started, how to use different parts of our platform, how to integrate your tracking code and so on.

And we even have a feedback form that you can see is pretty popular with requests for most popular features that we monitor pretty closely internally and how help guide our roadmap decisions based on our customer feedback.

Probably about 60% of autopilot customers are B to B, probably about 40% are B to C. We have large customers like Freshdesk, or Instapage or Dolby who are doing broad-scale campaigns with very high volume. SaaS trials for example, we have larger B to C companies like Simple Green Smoothies that's building a multi-million member community of health smoothies online, or hardware startups like Narrative.

And we also have a lot of companies who are with agencies, governments, real estate agents, advising groups, airlines, broader companies who also are just trying to basically stay in touch with their more regular customer bases as well.