Autopilot Tutorials - Pricing options


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Autopilot Tutorials - Pricing options

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Guy (Autopilot)

Guy: Again, we make it very straightforward. Our belief is pricing should be transparent and pay-as-you-go for what you need. A lot of our customers sign up for 500 contacts, which is five dollars a month. You use it for a month or two, and then you can certainly upgrade as you need to.

We give a seven day grace period if you run over as your contacts start growing, and obviously as customers start becoming more successful in building their database, then we grow with them as well to support that effort. So, you can pay monthly or annually, you get 20 percent off paying annually, and you can upgrade at any time which takes effect right away. You can also downgrade later on if you're working on a monthly plan.

Jimmy: I do have one question regarding the terminology behind contacts. If you have multiple lists and one person is across multiple lists, are they counted multiple times or is it just counted as one single contact?

Guy: One contact is one email address and are in your database. So, you can have one person on 50 lists but then still will be one person.

Jimmy: Perfect.

Guy: And again, you can ... and try it for free for 30 days and experience our own product being used to nurture you during that period.

You know, visiting as well, has a wealth of resources. And again, you can start simple, and we've got customers going all the way up to doing millions of emails a week, doing multi-year nurture journeys and being extremely personalized at scale. So, it's a solution that starts simple but really grows as the organization grows.