ClickInc Features


Affiliate management, campaign tracking & detailed reporting

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ClickInc Feature Summary

  • Affiliate and lead management solution
  • Intuitive web-based admin dashboard
  • Works with many of the leading shopping cart solutions
  • Set tiered commissions and individual settings
  • Visualize trends for clicks, commissions and sales
  • SMS or Email notifications on affiliate traffic
  • Track traffic, recurring orders, cookies, pixels, URLs etc
  • Sales lead management tools
  • In-app messaging between ClickInc users
  • Arrange affiliates into groups
  • Integration with leading shopping carts and merchants
  • XLS, CSV, XML, PDF, RTF for import/export affiliate lists
  • View geolocation data of the signing affiliates
  • Google friendly referral tracking with TruLink technology
  • Search affiliates, campaigns, clicks, sales & transactions

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