Clicksweeper Features List


PPC management software

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Clicksweeper Feature Summary

  • Rank based bidding
  • Achieve specific ad position with auto bidding
  • Keyword ROI bidding
  • Optimizes for keyword specific cost per conversion or ROAS
  • Conversion driven bidding
  • Optimize for campaign conversion performance
  • Analytics based bidding
  • Optimize keyword bid for more user activities in the web
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Automatically adds optimum keyword matching type
  • Reporting
  • Generate scheduled report
  • Trend & Performance Alert
  • Trigger trend alert & performance alert based on performance
  • Ad copy evaluation
  • Evaluate ad copies and identify a winning ad copy
  • Manage Google, MSN and Yahoo
  • Manage Google Adwords, Bing adcenter and Yahoo ads
  • Track keyword performance
  • Track 4 weeks of weekly and 2 weeks of daily keyword perf

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