eMAM Features


Scalable, interoperable MAM on premise, hybrid, or cloud.

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eMAM Feature Summary

  • Amazon integration with storage, archive, process, lambda, trancoding, AI, and CloudFront
  • Artificial intelligence integrations for metadata extraction
  • Collaborate: web access to comment, subclip, and mark frames
  • Delivery: transcode as needed to numerous formats/codecs
  • Interoperability with over 70 technology partners
  • MAM: moves content as needed and manages archive/storage
  • Marketing: send mixed media email
  • Organize: put assets into projects and categories
  • Review: send proxy copies to smartphones,tablets, etc
  • Search: across all storage spots with web proxy preview

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eMAM Feature Reviews

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Stephanie Watson

An Efficient Way to Manage All your Digital Assets


To a business attempting to digitize their own media, especially tapes, be prepared to spend money on hardware and software for conversion, blank data discs or servers for storage and access, not to mention personnel time to have someone physically perform the conversion.


Awesome service for large organizations that need data conversion and storage that is simple to use and understand


Completely out of reach for a small firm

Source: GetApp
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