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Clarabridge CX Social

Customer Engagement & Insights for Social Brands

4.0/5 (9 reviews)

Clarabridge CX Social overview

CX Social by Clarabridge - formerly Engagor - is a customer engagement and insights platform for social brands and enterprises. The software is used by leading companies such as McDonalds, Ikea, Volvo, Weight Watchers, and the European Parliament.


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Clarabridge CX Social reviews

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Ashton Shah

Without any doubts, a top-notch solution for multiple purposes

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-27
Review Source: Capterra

CX Social is really a solution worth being paid attention to. Such an advanced and well-thought-out program is a must-have tool on the list of companies’ products to implement next. We must say, CX Social provides customers with full access to data and the ways to manipulate it.The first benefit that comes into mind is that beyond just, you know, getting really insightful data, being able to tag it, making sense of it, and being able to disseminate from what we can do to give it to our third external vendors or stakeholders, etc., the solution is also just easy to implement, and to learn the system itself is not a problem at all. Powerful customizing capabilities make this solution our top-notch number 1 because a constant need to train our employees is not a nightmare anymore, for instance. Our last provider had a very heavy footprint. They made too many promises, but, unfortunately, most of them turned to be just words in the air. That is why working on the CX Social platform was definitely refreshing. We got what we asked for, and we have that solid relationship.

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Dina Abendeh

LOVE LOVE LOVE This Social Media Management App!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-10-30
Review Source: GetApp

CX Social was the best application I have ever used for social media management I used it to manage huge accounts that I have worked on such as IKEA and Burger King in which I used to get thousands of comments, messages and posts a day. What I loved the most that it helped me keep a close eye on my team know exactly their response times and number of inquiries they were attending. Also, I loved the tagging system which was a great addition to the reports for my client, it helped me categorize all the inquiries that we have received across all platforms. Sentiment analysis is a great feature also helped me in understanding my audience better! So if you an international brand or a brand with huge engagement I strongly recommend CX social! P's they now support Whatsapp for Business how cool!

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Manuel Zafra

Engagor is the perfect tool if you have a big social media team and need to manage a bustling community

Reviewed 2015-02-25
Review Source: GetApp

Engagor is extremely suited if you have a big/huge social media team and you receive a high level of activity in your profiles. It is also very suited to those brands very active in social media with fans instead of just simple customers. Howewer I wouldn't recommend Engagor to small companies or startups because it's definitely not a cheap tool or If your social media profiles are not busting the whole day. With Engagor we have increased our efficiency offering customer support through social media channels, we can control almost every single aspect and metric about our performance in social media and we have reduced our time of response 4x the previous time.-The data that Engagor shows about the performance of the users and team is incredibly precise and accurate. -With Insights we have a very wide view of how our engagement metrics are doing -Their customer care is perfect. They're in the other side ready to answer your questions and to solve any problems. -They have a very fast improving rate so are practically receiving new features almost every fortnight.

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Richard Ham

Excellent customer service but sadly there are better options.

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-12-05
Review Source: GetApp

I've never interacted with a more helpful and active customer service team. Every issue I've had has either been resolved or they've added to there list of issues to work on.

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Great tool for building real, personal relationships with customers on social

Reviewed 2014-04-17
Review Source: GetApp

There are many social media tools out there, but where Engagor shines for us is that it allows us to really create good, consistent engagement with our customers as a team. The analytics section is comprehensive, and makes it easy to step straight from the numbers and charts to actually engaging in the best way based on them on various social networks. 'Actionable insights' indeed.Easy to use, clean interface. Fully featured both on the analytics and the engagement (publishing), and teamwork (automated assignment workflows...) area.

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Clarabridge CX Social features


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GetApp Analysis

Social media marketing is an important part of doing business today, but keeping up with multiple profiles can be complicated. Business owners have team members who could help, but handing out usernames and passwords to the entire team can be risky. Additionally, employees may not be aware of what other team members are doing, leading to mixed messages and multiple postings.

Engagor creates a comprehensive dashboard for businesses, providing both social media management and analytics tools. The user-friendly interface brings all of a company’s social media profiles into one place, combining them with Engagor’s internet tracking capabilities to help them get the most out of their online efforts.

What is Clarabridge CX Social?

Engagor eases the process of managing social media accounts by giving businesses the ability to track activity, including mentions by customers and colleagues. Engagor constantly monitors the web for conversations that might be of interest to a business and delivers that information directly to that business’s dashboard throughout the day.

To help facilitate social media interactions, Engagor gives users the ability to create generic responses, save drafts, and schedule posts to deploy at a specific time. Multiple team members can be assigned to act on mentions of a brand or a user can re-post the item immediately, directly from the inbox.

Who is Clarabridge CX Social for?

While small businesses can benefit from Engagor, the app is primarily targeted to mid-sized and large businesses with social media teams already in place. As technology has become increasingly important in business, these teams have been challenged to coordinate social media efforts using traditional methods. This is where Engagor comes in.

In addition to being useful for social media agents, Engagor is also a great tool for management, who can pull reports that provide insight into a business’s social media efforts. This information can be used to craft more effective campaigns moving forward.

Main features

Social Media Inbox

Users are overwhelmed by the amount of social media information in circulation. Engagor sorts all of this information and delivers it to each user’s inbox, where it can then be organized to a user’s preferences.

Users can also set up Smart Mailboxes, where information is sorted the way his or her team needs it. An associate tasked with responding to all customer service-related social media posts can set up a Smart Folder with parameters that capture all posts with a specific phrase and “problem” in them, for instance.

Email Notifications

Even social media associates aren’t permanently stationed in front of a PC or tablet. Using Engagor’s email notification feature, users can ensure emails are sent every time a designated topic has received an online mention. This notification process can be a lifesaver in an emergency situation, with businesses often learning through repeat alerts that an online crisis is in progress.

Engagor’s automation can also be set up to filter all mentions by written language. Any mentions in Spanish could go to the designated Spanish-speaking team member, for instance, while French mentions could go to the person who is most fluent in French.

Task Management

When a task is assigned to a user, that item is automatically added to the task list under that person’s login. This consolidates all items in one place to help employees track everything. When an item is complete, the user can remove it from the task list by marking the check box next to that item.

Within the task list, users can also assign items to other users or reply, retweet, or favorite the item. Users can also send a private message to the user to resolve issues away from prying eyes.

Team Performance

Social media managers need the ability to see how a team is performing. The Performance tab gives managers this power, allowing them to see how quickly a team is taking action on various mentions. How many mentions did a brand receive in a day? How many times was action taken on mentions during the course of that day? Engagor gives managers this information.

As a manager is viewing the dashboard, an item can be clicked for a more in-depth view. This can give insight into how specific actions, such as resolves or tags, are being handled by team members.

Social Media Analytics

In addition to insight about team performance, Engagor also equips businesses with information about online activity related to them. The Insights tab provides an overview of who is talking about a business, how often they’re doing so, and what they’re saying.

Reports can be pulled by hashtags, demographics, sources (Facebook, Twitter, or websites), and much more. The Insights tab also offers an opportunity to identify influencers who are speaking about a brand and brand-related events that attracted particular attention from the online community.


Integration with Salesforce,, and Zendesk means Engagor can help a business track all of its marketing efforts more effectively. The app can also be linked to a variety of solutions through a custom integration.

All Engagor customers can request a free API, which will allow Engagor to be implemented into a business’s custom apps. This integration can ensure Engagor flows seamlessly with all of the business’s current operations.


Engagor offers three separate pricing plans, with the choice depending on a business’s preference. A basic plan is $500 per month and includes five topics, ten social profiles, 100,000 mentions per month, and one user. Professional and enterprise plans are much pricier but they feature a more robust set of options. Each plan starts with a free trial to allow the business to decide if it’s the right solution to meet their needs.

Bottom line

  • Businesses can monitor online mentions
  • Notifications feature provides email alerts when mentions come across
  • Managers can track social media staff activities
  • Analytics give insight into how a business’s brand is mentioned and by whom
  • Reports are also available that show how social media users are responding to online mentions

Additional information for Clarabridge CX Social

Key features of Clarabridge CX Social

  • Designed for social customer service
  • Efficiently Engage with customers across all social channels
  • Integrate social with your business (helpdesk, CRM, contact
  • Monitor your brand across the entire social web
  • Powerful Analytics & Reporting
  • Track & analyze the performance of your team
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