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GoBig WiFi

Next Generation WiFi, Email & Mobile Text Marketing & Integrated Social Media

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GoBig WiFi overview

Customers login to your guest WiFi using facebook, Google+, Yelp, or their mobile number before getting access to your Guest WiFi. This ensures that the customer data you collect is verified and accurate resulting in higher response rates to your email and mobile text campaigns.

Find out why GoBig is the #1 lead generation tool for restaurants, night clubs, hotels and retailers!


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Mark - Owner, Ole's Tavern & Bar

GoBig WiFi

Reviewed 2013-09-26
Review Source: GetApp

GoBig is a great solution for any restaurant, retailer, nightclub or bar that wants to learn more about their customers and capture their email and facebook information. Easy to setup, easy to install and manage. Customers love the performance and it's easy for them to login to WiFi with their mobile number or facebook login.

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GoBig WiFi

Next Generation WiFi, Email & Mobile Text Marketing & Integrated Social Media

GoBig WiFi pricing

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Pricing includes: Guest WiFi Device, Facebook & Mobile Login, Automated Customer Data Capture, Email & Mobile Marketing Tools, Send Unlimitted Emails, Send Mobile Text Messages, Marketing Templates, Automated & Drip Marketing Campaigns, PCI & HIPAA Compliance, In-Store Reports of Demographic & Social Analytics, Security, Support & Maintenance are all Included!

Enterprise & Multi-location - call for pricing.

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GoBig WiFi features


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GetApp Analysis

GoBig offers its customers a dependable WiFi connection while adding email and marketing tools to help improve the customer’s experience and provide insightful analysis of customer behavior. GoBig is a cloud-hosted service and 100% managed and supported. For customers, GoBig is a wireless hotspot that they can use at your business. But for you, GoBig is a powerful tool that can help you better understand your customers and market your goods and services to them more effectively. Recommended for any business that wants to please its customers while learning more about them and communicating more effectively with them.

By signing up for one of GoBig’s packages, you receive a wireless router that creates a local WiFi hotspot to which guests can quickly and easily connect. The router requires no setup and driver updates are pushed automatically. Customers can connect to your WiFi using Facebook, Google+, or their mobile number. Customer information is captured into GoBig’s system and the information helps you build a database of customers, which you can use for marketing or analytics purposes.

What is GoBig WiFi?

As GoBig’s interface is hosted in the cloud, there is no need to install anything on your computer. Simply log in to the web app in your browser and you will be brought to the dashboard that gives an overview of customer activity. A large chart helps you visualize a variety of things including opt-ins, opt-outs, sent emails, and sent text messages.

The plug-and-play router hooks up to your existing Internet connection to offer customers and guests WiFi service. While you fulfill an important demand, you also are given a wide array of tools for analyzing your customers and improving your marketing strategies. The interface on the service’s backend functions exceedingly well and offers an expansive set of features.

A widget shows some basic statistics regarding total contacts, the number of those that were added today versus the number added yesterday, and the percentage of emails you sent that have been opened. Each of these categories is also shown separately in their own widgets.

Who is GoBig WiFi for?

In an era when people want to be able to connect their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to the Internet wherever they go, it has become increasingly important to have WiFi hotspots at your business. While simply plugging in a wireless router can meet the demands of your customers, it likely doesn’t help your business in any tangible way.

Many businesses can utilize a WiFi solution like GoBig, Inc. to capture data and engage effectively with customers. GoBig is a great solution for restaurants, retailers, fitness centers, nightclubs, coffee shops and more.

Main features

Optimize your marketing strategy

Your marketing can be organized into campaigns that you create, and can be built to your needs. For instance, you may want to track WiFi leads, and that campaign becomes accessible throughout GoBig’s web interface. You can create and track emails and mobile text messages s via the messages panel.

Customize your messages

A text-editor style set of controls allows you to place images, create links, stylize text with different fonts, and more. These messages can be sent directly from this window, saved as a draft, or deleted. A nice addition is the “spam score,” which analyzes your message to help ensure that it gets past email providers’ spam filters.

Build opt-in forms and landing pages

By using the form creator, GoBig allows you to build opt-in forms and landing pages for your website allowing you to capture leads from your contact page on your website. Like the marketing message creator, you have access to HTML-style controls to create a page that is equal parts simple, easy-to-understand, and visually appealing. GoBig provides dozens of templates that you can use to create coupons or offers for your customers.

Reporting tools for your campaigns

Reporting tools help you determine the efficacy of your campaigns by using powerful filters to specify relevant data. You can choose which campaign you’re interested in and look at a given time period. Mousing over the resulting chart gives you specifics on subscribers, sends, opens, clicks, and unsubscribers. You can access the full list of contacts who have used your GoBig router, which includes information that they provide like phone numbers, email addresses, social networks, and more.

QR code creator and email templates

The tools panel offers a few other utilities that could be useful for businesses, including a QR code creator and email templates. The QR code tool is particularly interesting, as it allows you to create codes that link to custom text, URLs, phone numbers, and more. Users simply have to snap a picture of the code using a QR reader app on their mobile device. GoBig easily tracks the activity and lets you see how the codes are being used.


GoBig, Inc integrates with social media, promoting Facebook likes & Twitter followers. Customers can log-in via Facebook, Google+, Yelp or their mobile number.


The service has a single, all-inclusive tier that comes with the router and gives you access to the web app’s tools outlined above. A monthly subscription costs $50, or get a 10% discount by purchasing an annual plan for $540.

Bottom line

  • Simple router setup process using existing internet connection
  • Powerful web interface to analyze customers and market your products and services
  • App store allows businesses a number of tools to address unique needs

Additional information for GoBig WiFi

Key features of GoBig WiFi

  • Hassle Free Guest WiFi
  • Eliminates customer complaints over passwords & performance
  • Exclusive Data Capture
  • Capture customer data through Facebook, Mobile Phone & more!
  • Integrated social media: promote Facebook LIKES & Twitter FO
  • Target your customers by age, gender & social media profile
  • Improve sales during off-peak hours
  • PCI & HIPAA Compliant
  • Create your own offers & rewards program
  • High email & text response rates
  • Great ROI - eliminates internet marketing fees
  • Increases sales through repeat business
  • We maintain & update the device
  • Up to 5x performance improvement


GoBig makes it easy to capture accurate data on your customers every time they visit your restaurant or retail location. GoBig is integrated with online email and mobile marketing tools making it easy to send offers and rewards to your customers. GoBig system runs in the cloud, so your local WiFi device can be managed over the Internet eliminate hassles of customers complaints and password or performance issues. GoBig is PCI & HIPAA compliant and separates your business network from your Guest WiFi network. Best of all GoBig is a great ROI! At only $50/month per device, you can eliminate your internet marketing fees and use GoBig for all your email, mobile and social media marketing services.