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HubSpot Marketing

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4.48/5 (3,190 reviews)

HubSpot Marketing overview

HubSpot is a scalable, all-in-one marketing platform that covers a vast array of features and capabilities. The software can be used to carry out, track and measure all online marketing activities such as blogging, email marketing, and social media marketing. HubSpot Marketing can also be used to create landing pages and calls-to-action, providing users with SEO tips as they type.

Furthermore, HubSpot Marketing acts as a content management system enabling users to update their website content, optimize it for search, and adjust it for mobile. HubSpot Marketing's Smart Content tool even enables users to personalize their website to each visitor.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
HubSpot Marketing screenshot: Attract more targeted traffic to your pages with HubSpot's content strategy tool and as-you-type SEO adviceWhat is HubSpot?HubSpot Marketing screenshot: Convert visitors into qualified leads with HubSpot's built-in, conversion optimized landing page templatesHubSpot Marketing screenshot: Connect HubSpot Marketing with HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Sales, or Salesforce to automatically track each lead interactionHubSpot Marketing screenshot: Keep an eye on what customers are saying with HubSpot Marketing's social media monitoring toolsHubSpot Marketing screenshot: Monitor performance from HubSpot's Marketing DashboardHubSpot Marketing screenshot: Create, optimize and publish blog articles in order to convert readers into leadsHubSpot: About Us

HubSpot Marketing reviews

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Priscilla Derr

Hubspot is a marketer's best friend

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-01-09
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, their sales people are fantastic! Before you buy - ask a ton of questions and make them show you everything. Get their sales folks to help you build custom reports. Ask them to help you import. Do all of this during the demo because once you're onboarded, it's much harder to get help. We ended up hiring a Hubspot Expert to help us get everything we need, but we also have some really complicated features we wanted to track like online courseware. For 99% of businesses, hubspot is the best at what they do. Hubspot is a seriously my best friend. I've been using hubspot for the last 18 months and after my first introduction with the tool, I now recommend it to every single client I have. What I love most is how easy it is to sync up with Gmail, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Woocommerce, Facebook and the list goes on and on. We've also synced Hubspot up with our LiveChat tool versus using the native inbox (Hubspots Chat) feature. Hubspot now tracks visitors and upon a form submission, checkout submission, a contact is created and we track the entire lifecycle from browser to buyer and retention. We can then record all interactions we have via email so the next person that touches that customer has the entire history. The workflow automations are fantastic for staying in touch with both clients and browsing visitors. We have 10 different workflows set up based our marketing goals to make sure subscribed clients are staying engaged with our product and then for leads we can add point values for every time a successful action is taken. I could write a sonnet on how much I love Hubspot's features and how easy they make it to love this tool. Hubspot easily replaces 5 other tools. What we use most is Landing Pages, Forms, Workflow Automations, Tasks triggered by website actions, and the dashboards. Dashboards are a reporting layout with widgets some of which are standard out of the box and the others are custom reports that we've created.

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I am not a marketer. Hubspot was the right pick for me.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-15
Review Source: Capterra

I LOVE this platform. Onboarding is great. My support person (yes, you get a dedicated success manager that you actually form a relationship with and can help you navigate intricate projects, offer suggestions, advice or just listen as moral support and confirm you are on the right path ANYTIME) is fantastic, the software is in my opinion best in class. The contract renegotiation process is a bit of a bummer. Some of the folks there aren’t the easiest to talk to or deal with. My hope is that they can fix the issues and shine in this area too. Product developers and bright and knowledgeable and they are constantly improving the platform to our delight. I am not a marketer. In fact, it was a hat I took on with my family’s Small business just to help out. Boy are we all glad we did. First of all, it is intuitive. There isn’t a page in Hubspot that doesn’t offer help in the form of written, video and linked tutorials. It’s all in-line too. I don’t have to open a different screen most of the time. I can easily and quickly solve my issue or learn something new right within the page I am working on. It’s been a game changer. It helps me be a better writer. Hubspot offers suggestions for how to compose and email, a landing page, an offer pop up. It also offers on page SEO and optimization help, identifying potential issues and offering suggestions before you publish it. It caters to all ability levels. From a novice to an expert, there is something for everyone and online training to match whatever level that may be. It also has incredible value. There are so many extras packed into Hubspot. Chat, automation, graphic editor, asset management, CRM, extreme integrations, and a wide open API.

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My Would "Bring to a Deserted Island" Software

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-05
Review Source: Capterra

Where do I start with my love for HubSpot. Our marketing team has been using HubSpot's Marketing Automation for 6 years, and we have seen a world of difference in our inbound strategy. From email drafting to analytics, social publishing, blog hosting, ABM (account-based marketing) and site traffic - it helps marketers keep track of nearly everything going on. I mainly use the social publishing and tracking feature and the email scheduling tool. I can say I wouldn't be able to organize my social conversations with customers nor would I be able to schedule posts ahead of time and track their progress with such accuracy without HubSpot. The email section of the software is great too. I can tell who opens, reads and clicks on our emails - how long they spend reading and each email's conversion rate. I can also do A/B testing to track which types of emails perform best. If your marketing team has a budget for automation software, HubSpot should definitely be on your radar. As a medium-sized company with a small marketing team of 5, it's the perfect size for us. We have HubSpot's Enterprise Level Contract, which gives us access to all of their features. If your marketing team is small - a less expensive plan might be where you want to start out. They also offer sales solutions that fully integrate with their marketing platform, so everything stays consistent and everyone from sales to marketing is on the same page.

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Taylor Dodds

An integrated approach to deploy marketing materials and analyze performance.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-01
Review Source: Capterra

We saw an initial bump in lead generation when implementing HubSpot. Then, over the course of six months, we saw steady growth - particularly in generating new contacts, leads, and conversions. The blog integration with landing pages really increased our conversion rate of customers. This made it easy for audiences to learn about our services, then go to the landing page to sign up for a free meeting / demonstration of our services. This really moved the needle in terms of lead gen. We also saw our social media following grow, not just in overall followers, but also the engagement rate of our followers. Also, HubSpot made it easy to see the most popular content, across every form of marketing. We used this info to shape our overall digital strategy, influencing the type of content we produce. HubSpots CRM also helped us keep tabs on customers who were most likely to convert to sales. This was especially important, since our business needs truly qualified leads - not just contacts - that we can work through the sales funnel and the buyers journey. The best benefit though? Keeping all our marketing materials in one place. No more jumping between multiple platforms, programs, and in-app designs. Just one platform. Saves a bunch of time and headaches. The true value of HubSpot Marketing is the integration of every marketing platform. Blogs, email, landing pages, workflows and more can easily be created - and integrated - for an easy to use, all in one marketing portal. Primarily, my company uses HubSpot to quickly build and publish blog posts. With the built-in social media tool, you can easily share the blog post to your audiences. Then, you can repurpose the content you already created for an email campaign. Another favorite feature: the landing page builder. With this, you can create beautiful landing pages that make it easy for customers to convert to a sale, or marketing qualified lead. Another great feature is the analytics tool. You can see the performance of every marketing element in one detailed dashboard. This helps you see what's working - and what's not. This really helped my company put their marketing dollars where they're most influential and impactful.

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Mariana Herrera Zapié

I have found the Hubspot Software as an useful, dynamic, agile and easy to use tool for work

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-08-01
Review Source: Capterra

Hubspot has allowed me to work in an organized and fast way, without causing any setbacks. Today I have 3 certifications endorsed by this platform and I really understand and apply the Inbound Marketing methodology that is the main base of Hubspot. It is excellent to manage the website of the company where I work and I believe that the cost / product ratio is fair. Choosing Hubspot as our primary work tool has been a great decision.I work for a marketing agency and I use the Hubspot Software to manage the website of the enterprise. What i like the most about Hubspot is that it's frequently updating its functions, always at the forefront of changes in the market. As well, I love from Hubspot the Social Media tool, I can schedule all my post faster than others software or apps, and I can keep even-minded because I know all my post will be published on time. When I have to write a post I love it helps me to apply SEO correctly, and it's very easy to put pictures into the text. Hubspot is not only a tool for work, it's also a platform that allows me to learn and certificate new skills with the courses of the learning center, which has allowed me to become a better professional in my work area and it will be useful for me to find new job opportunities. Hubspot is very functional and complete, I can even schedule corporate email with smart delivery, in such a way that the arrival time of the mail fits the time zone of each recipient. I have tried others software for blogging before, but I really think Hubspot Software is the best of all.

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HubSpot Marketing pricing

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FREE: $0
Website lead capture and tracking for solopreneurs and beginner marketers.

STARTER: $50 per month
Website lead capture and tracking with customizable forms and deeper insights, for solopreneurs and beginner marketers.

BASIC: Starting at $200 per month (billed annually)
Complete inbound marketing campaigns for solo marketers and small marketing teams.

PROFESSIONAL: Starting at $800 per month (billed annually)
Scalable, automated inbound marketing campaigns for more experienced marketers and growth marketing teams.

ENTERPRISE: Starting at $2,400 per month (billed annually)
Scalable inbound marketing campaigns with analytics and reporting, for advanced marketing teams.

HubSpot Marketing features

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Campaign Analysis
Campaign Management
Content Management
Customizable Templates
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Multi-Channel Marketing
Reporting & Statistics
Social Media Integration
Social Network Marketing
Third Party Integration

Customizable Branding (177 other apps)
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Real Time Analytics (143 other apps)
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#6 in Marketing Automation

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Key features of HubSpot Marketing

  • Business blogging
  • Social media management
  • Marketing automation
  • Email campaign management
  • Marketing channel analytics
  • CTA reporting
  • Full-funnel Analytics
  • Mobile app
  • A/B testing of email & landing pages
  • CRM integration
  • Lead generation
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Workflows
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Customizable landing page & email templates
  • As-you-type SEO advice
  • Content management
  • Landing page templates
  • Custom landing pages
  • Lead management
  • Third party integrations
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Email templates
  • Click-through tracking
  • Multi-campaign
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign planning
  • Keyword tracking
  • Data sync
  • Market segmentation
  • Email integration
  • Traffic reporting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Contact database
  • Web contact forms
  • Social media monitoring, publishing & analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Publishing calendar management
  • Sales notifications
  • Email nurturing
  • Event-triggered email
  • Lead analytics dashboard
  • Content creation & repository
  • Drip campaigns
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Why have seven different accounts to manage your marketing — and for that matter, seven different passwords to remember? With HubSpot, your entire marketing arsenal is in one place.

Because everything is integrated, each component goes further. Marketing automation goes beyond email. SEO tools give you more than keywords. Integration means everything is more powerful.

With HubSpot every customer gets fully supported. You won’t get boxed out of support if you’re not an enterprise customer. And you won’t have to wait endlessly on hold. In fact, we’ll call you — in about 5 min.