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HubSpot Marketing use case: Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

Verified Reviewer  
16th of September, 2016
Easy to use - Robust Platform

Have been using Hubspot for over 2 years. The platform is intuitive and easy to onboard. Previously used Act-On. Main use is lead nurturing and email system and segmenting database. Reporting tools are easy to get to divisional leaders.

What do you like best?

The software is robust for everyday lead nurturing. Forms and Landing Pages are easy to set up and update. Smart Forms allows for deeper information. Exporting lists and setting up multiple criteria for lists is easy for the entire team to learn and implement.

What do you dislike?

Learning curve with learning forms and setting up workflows.

Why did you end up selecting HubSpot Marketing over other applications?

Previously used ActOn Software for about a year before switching to Hubspot. Segmentation and Landing pages are much more robust and easier to implement. Templates easier to modify in Hubspot.

If so, why did you switch?

Bigger selection of landing page template and thank you pages easier to set up in workflows. Deeper segmentation and developing of lists.

What is your main use case with HubSpot Marketing?

Lead generation for b2b and b2c with clients. Maintain and lead nurture database. Develop marketing personas and lead magnets to capture more potential webinar attendees to develop into customers.

Give one example how HubSpot Marketing has improved the way your organization functions

Webinars are much more robust and the people attending the webinars are deeper down the sales funnel and closer to being clients.

What is your ROI?

Still developing but overall have developed 2 new clients. Larger database of contacts and 5/1 ROI.

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Recommendations to others considering HubSpot Marketing

Learn the full use of the Landing Pages and develop Forms that are applicable to your business. Set up workflows for the email automation.

Time used

2+ years

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