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iContact for Salesforce

Mass email marketing app entirely native to Salesforce

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iContact for Salesforce overview

What is iContact for Salesforce?

Seamlessly integrate iContact with Salesforce’s effective CRM tools and enable the ability to engage, educate and retain customers and prospects, all within Salesforce. The solution is built on Salesforce’s campaign functionality so users can enjoy native integration and send improved email without having to learn new software.

Users can employ target sending and email actions such as 'opens' and 'clicks' to determine the next message that will be sent to either all members, or only to those that are most likely to engage. Users can also create and send unique emails with the business' original branding, or take advantage of over 600 professional templates.

The iContact for Salesforce social media integration features include adding ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ buttons to messages, and options to receive insight on a campaign’s effectiveness with reports and dashboards.

Email campaign results can be tracked to the lead and contact level using pre-configured, or custom Salesforce reports. Contacts can also be evaluated on their response levels with lead statistics.

iContact for Salesforce's preview toggle displays how emails will look on any device, and also checks for spam triggers before sending.


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iContact for Salesforce features

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Additional information for iContact for Salesforce

Key features of iContact for Salesforce

  • Native integration with Salesforce
  • Contact/Lead statistics
  • Targeted sending
  • Customer service
  • Email integration
  • Email tracking
  • Scheduled emails
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iContact for Salesforce displays all relevant email marketing statistics, campaign reports and specific feedback in real-time, allowing users to quickly determine whether leads are moving in the right direction.

iContact for Salesforce relies on its own email servers, not the Salesforce system, to send emails and messages at no extra cost or outbox waiting time.

Users can take full advantage of campaign data and send customized emails to people who opened or clicked on links within messages.

iContact for Salesforce users can access the MessageBuilder for attractive custom message templates where they can reorder text and images for personalization.

The iContact for Salesforce support team guides users through initial installation and are always standing by for any issues or necessary help.