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Lead Management for Marketers

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LeadExec Feature Summary

  • Lead Management for Marketers
  • Phone Call Lead Distribution
  • Automated Lead Distribution
  • Advanced Lead Scoring
  • Integrate Leads Into any CRM
  • TCPA Compliance Solution for Landing Pages
  • Email lead distribution
  • Live Call Transfers
  • Text SMS lead delivery
  • Round Robin, Weighted, Percentage Lead Distribution
  • Zip, State, Country Code Lead Distribution
  • Integrate Forms and Landing Pages
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Client and Vendor Web Portal
  • CPC and SEO tracking
  • Full Featured API

LeadExec Features In Depth

Capturing Leads

LeadExec provides tools that marketers can use to capture leads of all kinds, including those originating from telephone calls and online forms. The application integrates with existing CRM solutions, enabling users to deliver leads to whichever software solutions they are comfortable using.

As soon as you’ve setup your LeadExec account, you’ll be able to start capturing online and phone leads. Purchase an 800 number, use a local phone number, or port an existing business number into your LeadExec account. The application will capture leads coming from these sources just as it captures leads coming from optimized landing pages and websites. LeadExec captures analytic data from inbound calls, which is one of the ways that the application differentiates itself from competitors in the market.

Certifying Leads

All leads are not created equal. LeadExec understands this, and it uses complex lead certification and scoring algorithms to determine the true value of all incoming leads. Using a patent-pending process, LeadExec follows TCPA guidelines while dynamically generating content text on lead capture forms.

Use the JavaScript code provided by LeadExec to monitor the consent text used on your landing pages and websites. The provided code will assign a unique ID to each consumer who visits your site while also tracking common recognition markers like keyword referrers and operating systems. LeadExec will store unique IDs, along with various data points, and use reverse IP address lookups to certify leads. This process removes more than a quarter of all fraudulent leads.

Distributing Leads

LeadExec manages the distribution of both telephone calls and online leads amongst teams, franchisees, call centers, contractors, and agencies. The application can also distribute leads into a business’ existing CRM or lead management software.

Begin setting up lead distribution for your own team by creating a series of automated lead distribution rules. LeadExec can distribute leads based on price, round robin, or priority automation. It can also distribute phone calls, online leads, and live call transfers to individual associates based on daily and monthly distribution quantities.

Generating Reports

Data is everything to detail-oriented marketers. LeadExec provides its users with customizable performance reports, which are based on real-time data. Reports can be filtered by campaign, website, or lead source.

Build the types of reports that impress managers and upper-level executives by relying on the data being captured by LeadExec. You can create pivot reports and ROI charts. You also have the option of working with a technical implementation team to learn more about generating the types of detailed reports that are required to track lead sources, volume, and quality.

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LeadExec Feature Reviews

4 reviewers had the following to say about LeadExec's features:

A verified reviewer
Verified Reviewer

LeadExec is great for distribution/filtering/routing


We have been using LeadExec for several months now - we are using it to manage leads that we are generating from our own web properties and then routing them to different destinations - either to third parties or to SalesExec (ClickPoint's CRM).


Easy to create our own lead filter rules and integrations with partners/other systems was a breeze


None that I can think of at this time

Source: GetApp
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Scott Bearden

Verified Reviewer

We like LeadExec


After reviewing many of the alternative lead distribution software options on the market, LeadExec had everything we needed at a cost that made more sense than some of their competitors.


The customer support was very helpful in getting us set up, educating us, and even helping us understand how LeadExec could work with other software we needed for our campaign.


The reports can be a bit confusing the way they are displayed but once you figure it out, it's not really a problem.

Source: GetApp
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Steve Ryan

Verified Reviewer

Best Leads Distribution Software in the Market!!!


The best part of the product is that it is secure and very easy to use.


We love the software ability to handle lead flow and the distribution is very easy to manage.


The only thing I think LeadExec should have is to be able to see actual per lead payout in venders portal even in Revenue Sharing mode. It should deduct the cost based on percentage and show accordingly in both admin and venders portal

Source: GetApp
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Response from ClickPoint Software

Steve you are absolutely right and will be glad to know we are working on improving the user interface on the vendor portal in the coming week. We will include you on the process and get your feedback.

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Eric Evans

Verified Reviewer

Very happy with the service


Lead Exec has been great for us to manage our clients leads and the support team has been accessible and helpful as well.


Well priced, reliable, fast, and very robust. Lead Exec can do everything we need it to and more.


Some of the menus are not where I expect them to be and some of the terminology in lead exec is a bit esoteric, takes some getting used to.

Source: GetApp
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
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Response from ClickPoint Software

Eric, thanks for the review. We are always trying to improve and your feedback is essential. Thanks!

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