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Lexity Google Shopping overview

What is Lexity Google Shopping?

Transition painlessly to new Google Shopping from Google Product Search: Google is moving from a free model to a paid model, with its transition from the old Google Product Search to the new Google Shopping. We built Lexity Google Shopping to make your onboarding to the new Google Shopping as easy as possible.

Automatically synchronize listings with store inventory: Item out of stock? No problem! We’ll update your listings without your needing to lift a finger. Lexity automatically synchronizes with your store and automatically updates your feeds with current information on your inventory and catalog, including stock, pricing, and product images.

Fine control over product selection: We give you fine control over exactly which products you want advertised, so you won’t waste a cent. Focus your campaigns where you want them focused, whether that’s your top selling products, a new line you’re launching, or something else.


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Lexity Google Shopping pricing

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Less than 100 products: $19 per month + 15% of budget, Less than 1000 products: $49 per month + 10% of budget, More than 1000 products: $99 per month + 10% of budget

Lexity Google Shopping features

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Key features of Lexity Google Shopping

  • Transition painlessly to Google Shopping from Product Search
  • Automatically synchronize listings with store inventory
  • Fine control over product selection
  • Automated, conversion-driven bid management
  • Detailed reporting in one convenient dashboard
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Lexity Google Shopping makes your onboarding to the new Google Shopping as easy as possible by automatically advertising your products, keeping up-to-date with your inventory information, adjusting bid management to maximize your return on investment, and providing you with detailed reporting on your campaign.