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Lexity Live

Free real-time visitor tracking, analytics and insights

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"Lexity Live has that fascination factor. You get this connection to your customer when you can see someone come in and look around, right when they're doing it…I keep Lexity Live open in a tab all the time and check it half a dozen times a day…My daughter says I'm addicted. I think she's right."
--Cheryl Rowland, Creative Merchandise Store

"It's convenient and easy to use; in other analytics tools you have to click through multiple pages to get the same thing."
--Del DeJean, www.NaturalTarot.com

"I just can't stop looking at Lexity Live. Maybe it's an obsessive compulsive thing. If it's not already on in the morning, it's the first thing I turn on when I get out of bed."
--Guy Martin Smalley, MacModify


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Lexity Live screenshot: View your number of visitors and revenue day-by-day over a week, a month or a quarter.Introducing Lexity LiveLexity Live screenshot: See which of your marketing efforts are giving you the best return on investment, with charts that show your traffic and revenue by channel.Lexity Live screenshot: Live Insights automatically analyzes your store visitors data and summarizes it into clear, simple takeaways so you get smart and actionable marketing recommendations.Lexity Live screenshot: Track your visitors in real time and see which pages and products they've browsed

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Very good
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Stephanie Watson

Beneficial Suite of Apps For eCommerce Owners

Reviewed 2013-04-10
Review Source: GetApp

One of the great things about Lexity is how easy it is to use from the very start. Once you sign up for the apps and tools, you can start using them right away. Lexity makes marketing your e-commerce site a simple process with their user-friendly database. You can use unlimited apps, tools and resources as offered by Lexity for your site.Beautiful and Useful App

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Activity Dashboard (233 other apps)
Campaign Analysis (203 other apps)
Campaign Management (199 other apps)
Content Management (194 other apps)
Customizable Branding (195 other apps)
Customizable Templates (212 other apps)
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Engagement Analytics (186 other apps)
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Multi-Channel Marketing (164 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (163 other apps)
Real Time Data (151 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (221 other apps)
Social Media Integration (241 other apps)
Social Network Marketing (148 other apps)
Tagging (148 other apps)
Third Party Integration (232 other apps)

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Key features of Lexity Live

  • Monitor what pages are currently being viewed
  • See which of your visitors are in the shopping cart
  • View detailed, real-time path reports for unique visitors
  • Chat instantly with your customers to help close sales
  • See real-time website traffic statistics
  • Get detailed statistics and reporting for your store
  • Receive actionable marketing insights based on visit data
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Lexity Live gives merchants the ability to run their online store as they would an actual store—by assisting customers with questions and concerns, and overseeing the entire customer experience, from channels that brought customers to their site all the way to the final sale. We have placed more control in the hands of merchants to conduct their businesses online, seamlessly.