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Broken link management system

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LinkTiger overview

Broken links are a well known problem on the web. Research indicates that on average over 3% of links on a website are broken with some as high as 9%. Broken links lead to lost traffic, customer dissatisfaction, negative corporate image and negative Search Engine performance.
LinkTiger is an easy to use service that manages the validity of links on your website. It provides marketing managers, web masters or anyone who manages web sites with a powerful tool to find broken links so they can be fixed before your customers notice it.

LinkTiger’s robust dashboard and rich reporting capabilities are geared to the non-technical user: Marketing, Sales, Operations as well as Web Masters, Designers and Developers.

1. Go to LinkTiger's web site
2. Enter your e‐mail and website address to get started.
3. You will receive an e‐mail as soon as your website is checked for broken links.
4. LinkTiger will advise you which subscription fits best.
5. Fill out your credit card info to get a 15-day free trial (cancel anytime)
6. Click on the link in the e‐mail and the report will load in your web browser.

LinkTiger is a subscription based service. Subscriptions are offered on a monthly or annual basis.
We accept Credit Card, Check, Bank Wire Transfers and PayPal.


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LinkTiger reviews

Very good

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Works okay, but terrible customer support

Reviewed 2013-02-17
Review Source: GetApp

They use a nice interface and lay things out well, but there are a number of problems with their 404s. Also, when contacting support someone replies with no name, and also has little to no knowledge of the product and HTTP.

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LinkTiger pricing

Pricing options
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We offer plans based on the number of links your website(s) have. Our plans are monthly or annual. We offer a 15-day Free Trial.

LinkTiger features


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Additional information for LinkTiger

Key features of LinkTiger

  • Automated daily checks of your entire site.
  • Crawls you site just like an end-user would.
  • Dashboard reports easy to use
  • Broken links high-lited in source code or web page views
  • Reports can be shared with multiple team members
  • Reports can be customized and exported to excel
  • Scans HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PDF, Flash and MS Office files
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Delivered as a Service (SaaS) - No software to download, no maintenance or hardware required. Just sign up and LinkTiger will hunt your site for broken links 24x7.

Versatile – Scans multiple file types. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PDF, Flash and MS Office files for broken links.

Broken Link Highlighting – Broken links are highlighted on the webpage or in the source code for easy recognition.

Automated – LinkTiger crawls your web site daily and sends an email with a link to a report for all broken links on your site.

Reporting – Our user friendly dashboard offers clear & well designed reports with pie charts and graphs of the status of all errors on your site and the ability to create custom reports.

Collaboration – With “Team Support” user access and reports can be shared amongst a team for users that manage