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ion interactive use case: Robert Nicholson

Robert Nicholson

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17th of August, 2016
A great add-on to your marketing automation system / CMS

Using ION as an addon to your CMS or landing page editor is a great idea - as you can build out feature rich landing pages and microsites really quickly - and in the long term reduce your expenditure on custom development a lot!

What do you like best?

ability to develop feature rich landing pages quickly and easily

What do you dislike?

ease of use is restricted to templates - if you are doing something outside the scope of the 40+ templates then you get into developing using ION which is not that straight forward, whilst easier than coding it does still require you to learn the system.

Why did you end up selecting ion interactive over other applications?

in order to allow people with no development skills to develop feature rich landing pages and microsites in order to raise customer experience.

What is your main use case with ion interactive?

building new landing pages / quizzes / interactive whitepapers

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering ion interactive

when demoing the templates - have a demo of how to create things past the templates - 6 questions instead of 5, how does the "interactive" part of ion work - at this point you'll start to see that whilst its a very powerful, and in some places, easy to use system - in other areas - and often its the bits that you anticipate to create these interactive things that are the hardest!

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Less than 6 months

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