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Marketing Budget Management

Centralized platform to manage marketing budgets

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Marketing Budget Management overview

What is Marketing Budget Management?

Plan your marketing spend quickly and easily and optimize marketing program investment with Marketing Budget Management by Marketing Lucidity. Marketing Budget Management is a comprehensive application for planning your marketing budgets and measuring the effectiveness of strategic marketing programs while incorporating line item expense tracking and partner funds management. Marketing professionals can use Marketing Budget Management to streamline planning, budgeting, and execution of marketing campaigns, and align marketing resources with revenue objectives.
Marketing Budget Management is a Cloud Computing-based application on the Force platform from salesforce and provides customers with automatic upgrades at no cost, with access from any web browser. Marketing Budget Management is available for a free trial download.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 3 other markets, India, Japan, Germany

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English, Danish, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Marketing Budget Management reviews

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Marketing Budget Management pricing

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Paid Application. $35 / user / month. Discounted for Non-Profits and NGO's.

Marketing Budget Management features

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Additional information for Marketing Budget Management

Key features of Marketing Budget Management

  • Hierarchical budget management
  • Built in marketing ROI capabilities
  • Line item expense reporting and purchase order tracking
  • Discrete visibility into the allocation of partner funds
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Hierarchical marketing program budget planning
Partner funds allocation manager
Customizable workflow to map to any organizations approval processes
Line item expense tracking
Out of the box integration with Salesforce CRM Campaigns

Clarity into planned marketing spend over time and by department and geography
Automated reporting to save time and resources
Built in planned vs. actual expense comparisons to allow for to-the-penny planning
Discrete visibility into partner marketing contributions (MDF) to maximize net spend