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Web & social media monitoring for brands

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Mediatoolkit Feature Summary

  • Brand analytics
  • Keyword filtering
  • Measure mentions over time and channels
  • Real-time alerts, digests, Spike alerts on sudden increase
  • Real-time alerts or schedule a digest
  • Compare mentions and impressions against competitors
  • AND, OR, AND NOT, NEAR/n, AT-LEAST/n, *, ?, case sensitive
  • Get alerts about competitors appearing in the news
  • Digests and alerts for 999+ colleagues
  • Real-time mention alerts, Spike alerts
  • Visualize brand popularity as beautiful graphs
  • Unlimited users, fit for international monitoring
  • Track keywords on websites and social media
  • Monitor brand popularity across channels
  • Benchmark mentions, find influencers and top sources
  • Receive mobile alerts for new mentions
  • Monitor brand mentions across the internet
  • Unlimited users on a single account
  • Find mentions from any language
  • Filter mentions to show a single location or several
  • Real-time monitoring of 100+ million online sources
  • Analyze share of voice, sentiment and more in real time
  • Real-time competitive benchmarking
  • Real-time data update on new mentions
  • Real-time alerts for new brand mentions
  • Brand reports updated in real time
  • Get new mentions in real-time
  • Export all mentions as sheets for further analysis
  • Get reports on mentions, sentiment, enagegment, influencers
  • Receive reports daily, weekly, monthly or custom
  • Set emails with new mentions to send at custom times
  • Automated sentiment for any language you need
  • Automated share of sentiment reporting, benchmarking
  • Reach, engagement, likes, shares, impressions, sentiment
  • Tag mentions by topic and analyze
  • Unlimited users
  • Global tracking
  • Share-of-voice analysis
  • Engagement data (shares, likes, comments)
  • Reach and impressions of new mentions
  • Daily digest
  • Location tracking
  • Email alerts
  • API
  • Quick or advanced search
  • Data storage management

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Mediatoolkit Feature Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about Mediatoolkit's features:

Dražen Mijoč

Verified Reviewer

One stop place for all my keywords



Easy to use, can create as many search criteria as you want, have "feeling" per each found topic (neg, neut, pos), create alerts, get reports


could have wizard or how to create new or edit already created search criteria. Sometimes you forget or add additional conditions and later on you realize that something is wrong.

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