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Monetate generates billions of dollars of new revenue for businesses, helping them grow 39% faster than the industry average. How does this happen? By helping you understand your customers’ situations, behaviors, and preferences and act on those insights with in-the-moment, relevant experiences targeted to the right customer at the right time.

A winning customer experience is relevant, memorable, and seamless across screens and channels. The Monetate Acceleration Cloud connects two crucial elements that have always been treated separately within organizations: knowledge about the customer and marketing actions to deliver a better experience.

Monetate delivers win-win experiences by connecting two crucial elements that have always been separate—customer knowledge and marketing action—on every screen, in any channel, and at all key phases of the relationship.
Interact with your customers through winning website experiences that take place in the moment and across every page.

Interact with your customers through winning experiences that take place on any screen and across every page of your website.

Engage your customers with relevant, valuable email that deepens your relationships with them and builds lifetime value.

Discover and attract the customers you love, and convert lost visitors, with intelligent display and retargeting campaigns.


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Monetate features

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Key features of Monetate

  • Big data insights
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Deep customer intelligence
  • Discover valuable customer segments
  • PageMap
  • Multi-channel personalization
  • Lifecycle optimization
  • Performance Analytics
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Predictive analysis
  • Seamless campaign management.
  • ShadowCRM
  • Monetate ContentBuilder
  • Sentence-Based Campaign Builder
  • ExpressTag
  • Multipage Campaigns
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Know Your Customers Better
Social media and the proliferation of web-enabled devices have empowered the "Online Everywhere" customer. In this 21st century Age of the Customer, marketers must personalize every experience and deliver value across every customer touchpoint. It all starts with having a deep understanding of your customer.

Increase Engagement
To win customers' loyalty, marketers must focus on long-term relationships, not on transactions that take place in the moment. Engage visitors in ways that add value throughout the entire customer lifecycle, and across devices, channels, and touchpoints.

Demonstrate Success
Now, more than ever, marketers must turn marketing value into customer value and demonstrate success with each investment. Exceed customer expectations in relevant, quantifiable ways and prove results with deep insight into what works (and what doesn't) for each one.

A single system that collects, organizes, and analyzes data—and then acts on it.

Real-time insights require real-time responses. Measured in milliseconds.

It's about the person, not the channel. Deliver consistent customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Take action that is informed by deep knowledge of every customer.