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Magnetic overview

What is Magnetic?

Magnetic is a marketing platform for enterprises, brands and agencies. Our ad, email and site solutions help marketers find, keep and bring back customers. These solutions are powered by our unique data including purchase intent data from more than 450,000 partner sites, shopping profiles of over 250 million individuals, and behavioral insights across a billion active devices. For more information, visit

Magnetic’s Prospecting Solutions help you find your next new customer. Our solutions span all media types, including Facebook, native, video, and display.

Search Retargeting

Our Search Retargeting solution helps you win customers by using search and purchase intent data curated from nearly half a million sites. These partner sites are destinations we all visit to conduct pre-purchase research: price comparison sites, e-commerce sites, product review destinations and vertical search sites—any place where the intent signals are the strongest. This unique information enables us to get your message in front of future customers the moment they show intent.

Shopper Targeting

Our 250 million shopper profiles reveal deep insights about your prospects. You can learn about their affinities, shopping behaviors, price sensitivity, frequency of their purchases and much more. These insights can be used alongside our search intent data to help you acquire new customers.

Magnetic's Merchandising solutions drive conversions by recommending what’s just right for each customer.

Email Alerts

Our Email Alerts use consumer behavior, your product catalog, and proven algorithms to make sure your emails are relevant and well-received. When someone abandons your cart or site, we automatically send a Trigger Alert with a compelling set of offers to entice them back. If a new product comes in, or a price drops, Trigger Alerts will quickly tell people who have recently expressed interest. Our platform will cross-reference your catalog events – like sales and new arrivals – with your subscribers’ profiles. When we find a compelling event that matches an individual’s interest, we’ll send a Shopper Alert to draw them to your site.

Email Recommendations

You routinely send emails such as newsletters, confirmations, shipping notifications, and transaction receipts. Each of these emails present an opportunity to recommend personally relevant products and services. We insert recommendations in the body of your email in real-time, making emails customized, timely and meaningful for each recipient.

Site Recommendations

When people visit your site, it should feel like their site, with each page experience catered to their desires and needs. We use your visitor’s past shopping behaviors, web journey, and real-time site activity to predict the products she’s most likely to buy. These recommendations are served, as she browses your site, to drive discovery, upsell/cross-sell, and average order value.

Our prediction algorithms go beyond to mine your visitor’s purchase intent from across the web and examine their profile, search history and purchase history. Such a complete view helps you serve the right offers to drive better outcomes. Magnetic's Remarketing solutions span all media types, including Facebook, native, video, and display.

Site Retargeting

From all visitors who abandon the site, we identify those most likely to buy and match them with products they’re most likely to purchase in real-time. We then send Individual product recommendations as ads when the visitors are on the web. Our dynamic creative engine helps drive conversions using gorgeous creative, custom messages and personalized recommendations.


Sometimes even your most loyal customers become dormant. We find customers who have not purchased from you lately by ingesting and mining your CRM and purchase history data. We then apply the same retargeting science and art to reignite their passions for your brand. After all, your repeat customers create more customers.


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Key features of Magnetic

  • Personalized display advertising
  • Real-time analtyics
  • Automatically coordinate content accross contact channels
  • Predictive and dynamic retargeting
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Our clients typically enjoy a 9x increase in revenue over regular marketing emails. To learn more about our client success stories, visit