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Omnia Feed Manager

Product feed creation, management and optimization module

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Omnia Feed Manager overview

Omnia provides an integrated pricing and online marketing automation suite, offering an online SaaS-based product that assists retailers with growing sales and raising profitability. Users can enter their business strategies into the system and effectively have Omnia automate pricing levels and the web marketing of their products. Sitting alongside Omnia's Dynamic Marketing as its two marketing modules, Feed Manager allows retailers to create, manage and optimize all product feeds from a single pane of glass. Through its flexible interface, the product feed management tool supports the advertising of products across all appropriate marketing channels, conveniently short-cutting the creation of new ones with pre-populated channel templates. Multiple feeds can also be linked within clicks, while also connecting internal or any other external data sources (such as Google Analytics / Adwords), extendable via API.

Feed content can then be optimized and augmented with Feed Manager's formula editor, used to map custom or dynamic pricing variables with conditional logic. Containing functions like IF statements, string and algebraic functions, certain filters can also be applied to exclude unwanted products or select for example a top selling product set within a given category. Working in tandem with Omnia's Pricewatch, formulas can leverage competitor pricing variables while sending published feed tracking data to Omnia's Performance module to visually summarize the results.


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Omnia Feed Manager screenshot: Use pre-populated channel templates to create new marketing channels, leveraging data from multiple connected data sourcesomnia - how does it workOmnia Feed Manager screenshot: Feed Manager's built-in searchable formula editor carries customizable functions, using conditional logic such as IF statements etcOmnia Feed Manager screenshot: The Campaign Settings screen allows feed update times to be defined, with hourly, daily or weekly synchronizationsOmnia Feed Manager screenshot: Omnia's Performance module can be used to produce overviews and visualizations of tracked published product feed data

Omnia Feed Manager reviews


Very good

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Marcha van Grinsven

Omnia's Feed Manager is a very flexible Feed Management tool.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-09-27
Review Source: Capterra

Saved loads of time and trouble using Omnia's Feed Manager, as well as increased traffic and clicks. With Omnia's Feed Manager you can easily select and export all the right products to any feed, for internal as well as external marketing channels. You can use filters to clean up your feed and optimize your feed content by using the formula editor.

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Omnia Feed Manager features

Customizable Templates
Data Import/Export
Multi-Channel Marketing

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Additional information for Omnia Feed Manager

Key features of Omnia Feed Manager

  • Channel analytics
  • Reseller management
  • Channel templates
  • Product data management
  • Data connectors
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • API
  • Data filtering
  • Multiple data sources
  • Data export
  • Data synchronization
  • Click tracking
  • Product feed management
  • Search functionality
  • Formula management
  • Conditional logic
  • Application integration
  • Tracking features
  • Customizable templates
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Omnia's Feed Manager sits within its integrated suite of pricing and online marketing automation modules, providing retailers with a single interface for the creation, management and optimization of multiple product feeds.

Users can link in multiple input feeds within clicks and create new marketing channels via collection of pre-populated templates.

Feed content is optimized via Feed Manager's formula editor for using conditional functions to map custom or dynamic variables, while filters can be applied to exclude certain products or highlight a selected few.

Synchronize and update feeds according to hourly, daily or weekly scheduling options, exporting them to email, FTP or web link and tracking their performance once published.

Omnia Feed Manager integrates with Omnia's Pricewatch module to optimize feeds with competitor pricing variables, while connectivity with Omnia's Performance module provides overviews on published feed data.