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Predictive Edge was acquired & shut down by Dropbox in 2014


This Application No Longer Exists

Predictive Edge is no longer available for purchase. Archived information about Predictive Edge is available below.

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Intended Users
Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
United Kingdom, United States
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Key Features of Predictive Edge

  • Intuitive Point-and-Click Editor
  • Flexible E-commerce Targeting
  • Robust Analytics and Deep User Tracking
  • Automatic Template Detection


Intuitive Point-and-Click Editor
Don't know how to code? No problem.
Predictive Edge provides a powerful, yet simple visual point-and-click editor that transparently transforms your website changes into fully functional code. Easily insert, replace, edit, or delete your creative content with only a few mouse clicks. No knowledge of HTML required.

Flexible E-commerce Targeting
Deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time.
Target a range of demographics with flexible rules including location, climate, user browsing behavior, income bracket, and shopping cart transaction history.
Predictive Edge allows you to set up priorities for how often certain variations will display and to instantly toggle on/off these variations.

Robust Analytics and Deep User Tracking
Leverage Big Data to better understand your customer
Predictive Edge saves a persistent copy of each user, enablingover multiple sessions. These added customer insights allowfor improved e-commerce tracking and user targeting.
Our built-in analytics, designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, makes full use of that data. Explore your page and split performance in terms of a number of metrics, including conversions, revenue, visits, and landings.

Automatic Template Detection
Change many web pages instantly.
Manually creating variations for similar page types is a significant hassle. For e-commerce websites with hundreds of product pages, manual editing for each page is nearly impossible.
Predictive Edge solves this problem with a unique algorithm that detects and automatically classifies similar pages into templates. Change a single product page template and instantly see your changes reflected across all product pages.